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That was in bags body bag. And i like all right. I think we are under some sort of contractually obliged to play the interim the house jones. Like i'll throw intro out throats debut of a segment all right. Help brian. next time you think you might be suffering from the mandela effect. Because there's nothing on here. No images this is. I'm gonna i'm gonna find it and i'll i'll buy you buy sixty seconds telling everyone about tommy john this summer soak up the sun not the sweat. Tommy john it is cool cotton fabric to three times cooler than regular cotton. Get a pair new. Tommy john underwear and let the buns breathe. This stuff is so good. it's so light. Dawson did the thing in texas where he warned the swimming pool. Four in the morning or something just hung it out and put it on the next day. I do that all the time. And even if you go out for a long jog or hike or something you work up a little athere. Just wear them around. And they'll just dry on you. Dozens of comfort innovations breathable lightweight moisture. Wyking fabric four times stretch of competing brands. You'll never go back to what you're wearing once you hit tommy john. It's the best player you'll ever wear or it's free guarantee right dawson right now. Get twenty percents off your first order a tommy. John dot com slash adam. Tommy john dot com slash adam for twenty percent off. Tommy john dot com slash atoms. Seaside for details. I guess i should have taken pictures. When we're there the houston improv dolls. Probably but also like you know. I'm sure the people that liberated auschwitz didn't take a lot of pictures show appalled at what was going on around them like i couldn't believe this devastation or so i'm not even touching all right. We got we'll continue the quest. We got the news. We'll take a break. We'll do the news right after this. Hey geiko do you own durant. Will you do one or the other right. You know it's hard work out their own in renton..

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