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Tober with Yeah. We're gonna be joined by Dan Rules announced the voice of the year. One of the voices of the San Jose Sharks get you ready for the Season opener, the lid lifter for the Sharks tonight, Tim Hardaway. We'll join us, Ted Furman doing Let's talk about odds and whatnot. And then Oh, No matter what day No matter what the weather is, so it's a good time for Billy Martin. Bill Martin will join us. Today, and we'll talk about well. Who knows what we'll talk about with with Bill. It's always good happened Bill on and by the Web and blank there for a minute, the sharks or playing the yotz, the Coyotes, the desert dogs down in the Down in the desert, fellas, What's going on, you know? Man When you said Billy Martin was on all of sudden, I was thinking, Billy ball, and it's the irascible Billy Martin. But yes, Bill Martin. Katie view is his own kind of wonderful. But, man, Are you drunk? No, but I did watch the bill. It's funny Sight did watch the moment Martin thing last night on TV, So it's like I've got Billy Martin on the brain. And then you said Billy Martin joins us and I had a picture. Of the A's and Yankees manager and longtime Yankee. Was Helen's have been dead. Look it up. It's been a number of years now with a terrible car accident and 20 minutes shield. I think he passed away on Christmas Day at least 25 1989 Christmas Day 1989 32 years ago. 31 years ago, Dad While yeah, I remember reading his book. I guess it was there was a ditch out near the house and He'd had a few and I guess the lights. It wasn't a well lighted areas. So ran the car into the Into the bitch and That's it. It's funny to you. No. You think Billy Martin and you all the fighting with Steinbrenner in the bar room brawls and brawling with Ed Whitson and all these guys, and it's like you watch the first five minutes of the documentary. They had his mom on, Cameron. You're like, Oh, I get it now I get it. She was just rough. She was a tough lady man. Let me ask you this before we got it from her, And I'm sure we'll, uh Shortly get to the news that urban Meyer is going to be coaching in the NFL Now organ. Bargain. It's your cut, Bulky his G M C. All he does is gonna be the GM. That was the talk. I mean, you gotta do better than that. Just a field crew. Urban Meyer comes into the world of the NFL. His maiden voyage and He agrees. Literally bulky be is GM, Then a reminder. Don't want to be around too long. You could do better than that. Come on. Well, you know no. Trimbach ease the G M when you're the GM, but you just don't want both titles. He's gonna be like the cheese could be better than work. And then you're gonna have the final say you. You need somebody to do all the work and getting none of the credit and I understand that completely. You could still do better than Trent Baalke. Can we agree on that before we get to times will see this I do. His reputation, Rod, you know is always really strong as a personnel evaluator. But he made some baffling calls. Thank you for making my point. You can do better than trend. Balky is your GM even if he's a real GM, or he's the guy that does the GM work, But you're the dude that's actually picking the players. Can we agree you could do better than Trent Baalke? I think we can agree that you could do better than trump. Thank you. Sort of rough time. Please go ahead. No, no words. No words I did. This isn't this isn't all that important. I just actually thought about it when we're talking about Billy Martin because I read that book. And it was a really, really good book. And it got me thinking because we've talked about this frequently over the past few years. How, and we talked about it a couple weeks ago how we could name any baseball manager. So there's old witch baseball managers were just like who? What? Who's that dude? Back Then we all knew these guys, and they all had personalities. And they all had stories to go along with it. Whether it's in game stories in the bar stories on the road stories, there's always stories to go along with it. Uh, who In the Big Three right now. Do you want to read a book about Managers and coaches because back then you could pick a bunch of guys and there's brother. I mean, most of them are done by now. But you're like, Oh, yeah. I mean, Thomas sort of just passed. I died. Thomas sort of book. Absolutely. There's a okay about them or book a book by them or about them now about them like in a biography like You're not. You know whether it's him doing it or somebody else doing it. Usually it's better when somebody else does it cause when you get there really good stories, But I'm trying to think Yeah, I'm trying to think who Who today I mean pop comes to mind Pop comes to mind for sure Military should be interest. We'll hear what he has one. He had one last year that came out. I think Ian O'Connor wrote a book. In fact, I get it sitting on my Sitting on my desk that ever the 1st 10 pages and I'm like, Damn, I gotta grind through the Bill Belichick like wonder you things like five. I don't want to get down with one of the coaching stuff. I don't wanna get the background stuff. So you better check the book. It's just like Bill Belichick. Yeah, well, it's only 10 Year 10 pages I can, but it's like, you know, you need that background stuff to do, But it's like you grind through it to try to get to like that. Want to find out what happened? We got a little bit Little bit older, but you know when you when you read about them when they're younger, and it kind of helps inform you who they become as a coach, But anyway, I got to get to that. I think Phil Jackson has went out. Already some just trying to think like who is the short list for Inter? Who's that for me, Phil? Because Bill's already I think Phil has won. I think Phil's already there dare to have a book on On Phil. So I'm saying they have guys that are coaching today. Currently, right guys there coaching today. Big three Sports who Popovich came to mind immediately. Chill man because he's a character and he's lived in these kind of goes to the beat of his own drum..

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