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So after reading this whether it's in part some of the of the whole collection would you recommend that people check out next literally anything by james boleyn. Were tony morrison. I'm thinking. James baldwin has a companion piece with one of these essays. Yes that's what our next move is. I think we're the we're definitely gonna bring it out. I also watched The documentary i am not your negro which is samuel jackson reading a transcript of an unfinished essay that james baldwin wrote where it was like a proposal for a book he was gonna write that he never got around to before he died about malcolm x martin luther king junior and evers grabbers It intercut with footage of all interacting and baldwin speeches and other things that are really incredible and then also able to rename documentary thirteenth on netflix specifically about the history of mass incarceration she interviews. Angela davis in that one very very good watched in college kind of exploded. Everything i thought. I knew my recommendations the sixteen nineteen projects which find new york. Times magazine was developed by nicole. Hannah jones sixteen nineteen being the year. That the first african slaves brought to the continent and in just a lot of as as in writing and Collaboration of really great black artists and writers giving a new narrative or more realistic narrative to a lot of history as been taught it. Oh the next question is a video series. i think call By austin chaining brown who her newsday's way originally came across the tallahassee cuts. She is joined with o. Kwa and johnny booth potter kenny. Rebound reading today. Okay and then. Lastly a podcast the humidity archive which i recently came across. Takes one an event or historical figure and kind of goes really in depth with an eye towards the histories that are often forgotten or put aside of people and other marginalized communities. It is a saturday night. We are a little tired. we are very. We've done many thoughts. Yeah there's so many thoughts to however both this one book swine..

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