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Half at home against the titans green bay laying two and a half and carolina the seahawks two and a half at home against the rams and the niners minus one and a half at home against the titans my week fifteen takes joe take it away well like your last week actually at a rare winning week on with two win one ubp with the giants add the giants at a three and a half i like the west we could look good for a while but then it all fell apart in the fourth quarter in a cowboys wanted thirty attend i one with the panthers getting two and a half against minnesota and i won with the chiefs lane four against the raiders so one 211 last week nineteen twenty two with one but his season want to try to have a big week this week i'm stop taken a chiefs again warn against the charges the sun saturday night the weirdest games gonna win that division i i really feel b two games left at that i feel very confident the saying it forget the rate is i'm not by oil game out i'm not by the rate is an outward into the vision is it gonna be kansas city or to charges and the charges have been red eye they won seven of their last nine games but i think that she's so off the slight you'll you'll offence has been back battle last week february jets beat them they put thirty one on the board against the jets they never had the ball clear the jets but have like a 50minute drive from place to score a touchdown so their offenses back they beat up the rate is last week it was even closer to the final score was twenty six fifteen the games in kansas city kansas city's get the point everybody now is jumping on charges bandwagon remember the cheese beat the charges earlier in the year in la 24 the 10 so like i said if the wherever words.

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