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Yeah he's got a little headache here's a look at your europa league semifinalists arsenal madrid marseille red bull salzburg headline writers earning their checks in europe after the controversial ending between out another it and you this dental sport from italy kippur fooled though what robbery in italian gab is that a good translation there the hanjour she was perfect there you go from spain but which part of spain matters barcelona's sport weighing in robbery of the century so we may be more neutral audience are already pfc dot com shoot on the series seriesclinching penalty have been given look at this right there fifty fifty almost fifty one percent yes forty nine percent said no sit break this down for us was this penalty controversial adult should there be a debate well i mean they can be the vite because because of course it's a soft penalty i think i think most of us probably agree that that it that it was a penalty elvis is the context of the mini in which happens of course it was bound to to cause a huge amount control vesey women spine at least i'm about to say something on every single show in apologies for going over the same grounded kind of depends we saw the divide your own as always the case for example that spoil headline the pointed out there the robbery of the century from the eighteen years into the century that sport as four is a boss liner leaning newsday like bosma meaning it's on the floor and the vaseline of aside and just as importantly it's a screaming sheltie newspaper the defines itself as much by his antimatter these mo as it does by kind of pro ball celona styled so the fact that they went for a think he's is no real surprise they'll never saw the divide the saying is surprised i think there is a small element of debate because this a slot yourself penalty because he's perhaps.

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