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It's a little cool outside. But you know, just like yesterday supposed to warm up and be delightful later in the day today. So good day to get out and get back Christmas shopping done. Also a good day. Get some gardening than to again, if you have any garden questions on your mind or just want to pass. Somalia. Green says always we look forward to hearing from you. Wherever you have on your mind on this Saturday mornings. So let's get the show started again five one two eight three six zero five ninety and given the week. Our thought to talk about the different plants that are holiday or Christmas related. One of those is mistletoe MS two is found all over the world of various forms of mistletoe. But we have plenty of it here in central Texas, and this is a plant that is actually parasitic. Lot of you know, that probably but YouTube growing on trees throughout central Texas. It has a root like structure that adheres to the tree and penetrates into the wood of the tree now deeply but into the sports itself by drawing moisture and nutrients from its host plant, and of course, it's associated with the holidays and has been apparently for millennia or to the the old tryst vision of kissing underneath hotel. Apparently that comes from the Vikings who knew who knew the Vikings. Anyway, I'm sure they did. But there you have it mistletoe, and it's a plant that. A lot of people in our area when they see they're concerned because it is parasitic typically doesn't cause much harm to the tree does generally weaken a tree especially older tree that's already open to diseases or other kinds of things. You can go through the trouble of removing mistletoe. It's a lot of work, and it will grow right back. The only organic way of dealing with a view are concerned about mistletoe growing on your trees, and this is way too much more. But this is recommended if you really want to arrested, and and prevent or at least kill what you have on the tree was recommended is that you use plastic bags in new individually bag each plant with like a black plastic preventing light from getting to it. And that will effectively kill it without having to use any kind of poisons, which would also harm the tree now who's going to get up into their trees and bag there mistletoe. I I don't think so. But there you have it missile tra- mistletoe again associated with Christmas and percents. Sure why it's the holidays. Maybe it's because during the wintertime, it's a green plant, and it's out there. And you see it more during the winter. So could very well be that's the cause for being associated with the holidays. Okay. Well, we have our friend Leslie of the house right now calling in from the lady bird Johnson Wildflower center and good morning. Leslie, how're you doing today? Well, my face is draining. Oh, no. Bound to catch up with cedars. Pollen. Right. Yeah. Yeah. It's a little early this year. You know, it's f- allergies is I do you become? I don't know if everybody does this. But I've become a connoisseur of pollen. And I can tell when it's cedars opposed to other things because it's the one pollen that on top of making me, cough and congested burns, my eyes. Yeah. Charming, and I can't tell if this year, I feel like this. You're at started early stretch him out. But because it's just hasn't been cold. You know, we need that real none of them. I mean, some of those trees are ready to go. And you see the big plumes that I'm, you know, just looking in the garden, and there's a bunch that still haven't really gotten. All the way read. And then we have those big wins. Come on. This time of year is beautiful as these midwinter days are these Chris dry air, which is so beautiful prettiest days of the year are December January on daylight today glorious. But when the pollen Dell I pray for rain. Yeah. The tree. Yeah. And it really is hard because it is one of those things where. Yeah. The temperatures great the ground is a little moist. You wanna be out there? I mean, I have to be out there. So I think that's why I'm suffering. But you know, when I go home, I'm like my dogs. Don't even want to go outside. You know? What can you do and everybody has their own thing for you? Van when you your pets are begging for Benadryl. Right. Yeah. I know. Exactly. Yeah. No. I have you know. Yeah. It's I have very fluffy terrier. It's and they just they don't wanna go out. They know they know out there. They don't like it evil spirits. But it is if you're not, you know, I have other people I have a neighbor fine that isn't affected she's from France. And I was like, okay. Great. And she it's so interesting to me, you know, she can she's right next door and can just under through it. And it doesn't affect her at all. So you're one of those people were really like. Say I mean, I never had an allergy in my life. Until I was about five years into living in Austin. And one nice January day David much like today. I went for walk around then called town lake. And I came back home. And I started to sneeze sneeze like three hundred times. Yeah. When it hits you if you're hard, and then my eyes swelled shut. Yeah. That's that's what I'm looking real dead right now. My eyes. Well, shut my faith is twice the size. Okay. Drinking copious amounts of water and vitamin c and yeah. The trade, but I'm gonna be out there. I'm going to be gardening today. 'cause it's a gorgeous day. It's going to be warm. It's getting to be quite doesn't in the afternoon is actually glory is walking the gardens more. I still have some ball color or gone. My garden sheltered, Mike von color plants. I have a black Blackhawks. I'm right now that is amazing. Yeah. It's they I'm going to be cleaning the ponds because it's going to be warm enough. So that'll be great. So. Yeah, people if you're not if you're face is not attacking you get out there. One of the nicest those lights. Yeah. Well, got all your plans to fund cycling. I did put in a bench cyclamen and all my pots looks so amazing at home. You know, there's some non natives just near a tree. What can you say? Care. You know, I was talking about the point said he is a couple of weeks ago. And you referenced the native. Yeah. But you know. A lot of times. You know, I encourage is like. Get them for Christmas enjoy them and then put them in the compost heap. Yeah. Actually is what we after we talked about it. Every I recall when I was at lost Maples state park this year. I took a picture of this little red bracketed plant that I know I didn't know what it was. Geologists take picture of and look it up. And I forgot about it. Amongst the thousand of a week. But you know after talking with you on backup to ensure enough points. Yeah. Yeah. And and they're really cool. Once you can get him going there there, you know, they'll see it out and and their little annuals, but they beat out in in. If you can keep them going. I have done in pots, and you know, and they just keep going and keep going, and we haven't been the garden all over and everybody stops, they just stopped cold. And they go is that and they want to stay. They don't really know that that is that is you're right. Plant that look at that point said, he's come from Mexico. So that makes sense. Yeah. Cousins would be appear. Right. The point is that are used for holiday that. I guess I don't know where and when the church and begin with Christmas, but I guess it was just the right color. Yeah. Anyway, but you haven't great holiday you gotta get out there. I gotta climb into a pond. Clean out. Mark. It's the safest place for my face to be. Around. Good underwater underwater. Feeling like this dining under but. Be closed for just depending one's coming to look out garden. We are close on Christmas omen. Okay. I'm double triple. Check the website. If you're ever not sure about hours of operation. Other than that. We're going to be open throughout the holiday really is gorgeous here. It is always beautiful weather. All right. Well, let's see you have a great Christmas. Thank you so much for calling in. Thanks have. And I won't talk to you till next year. I guess. Maybe maybe I think, but I have a great holiday and your listeners. All right. Okay. Thank you again. Let sleeping house from lady bird Johnson Wildflower center. You can learn more at Wildflower dot org. Rhino take a break income right back. Steve. Me.

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