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We get a preview from Bloomberg's Jeff Bellinger. Bloomberg intelligence says the banks full year result should meet its pre-tax margin goal and fourth quarter results should show trading outperforming with a business more skewed toward equities than most of its global peers UBS being a notable exception. Forecasts are for Morgan Stanley to post an adjusted profit of eighty nine cents a share on revenue of more than nine point three billion dollars. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg daybreak. Thanks, Jeff and after the closing bell. We get earnings from American Express and net flicks. And you're f- shares of Societa Generale down. Three percent Francis. Third largest banks that earnings will be hurt by the quote, challenging environment and global capital markets. British Prime Minister Theresa may has survived a no confidence vote. Now, she has to search for a compromise with parliament to deliver a Brexit deal. The vote on her plan B is set for January twenty ninth shares of apple down. Nearly one percent. Bloomberg news has learned the company. Will cut back on hiring after selling fewer iphones unexpected and missing its revenue forecast for the holiday quarter. Now, let's get you have to date and how stocks are faring. We check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg s&p futures down seven points. Dow futures down fifty three NASDAQ futures down twenty-five the Dax in Germany is down three tenths of a percent. Ten year treasury up one thirty-second yield two point seven one percent. And the yield on the two year two point five three per cent. And straight ahead. We have the latest world and national news. And this is Bloomberg. Thank you. Karen? It is six thirty three on Wall Street. Let's get the latest row. The national news now from Bloomberg's Michael Barr. Thank you very much. Nathan.

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