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On a lot of upsets. You happen to notice what happened with the Detroit Lions when they played the division rival. The Chicago Bears meow. They made Mitchell trubisky. If you look like a good quarterback only the lions can do that. What happened to this secondary that you celebrate what happened Wise Mitchell? Trubisky out what they're looking like elite quarterback in the NFL against this defense program assault unprofessional meowing. You know is is like you guys like me. I saw a couple of things I told you. At what point in the season that this was going to start to spiral out of control as a lifelong lions fans. I'm going to regurgitate the steps. The world gave us a moral victory against the chiefs. The rest cost us against the Vikings Kerryon Johnson got injured. We traded a a slot safety. Matthew Stafford did not play yesterday. No this is where I look down at the standings and you ready for Chris Jacoby the lions have three wins. The dolphins have to. I know I know you know what that Tigers Tiger. The cardinals is going to be one of the best lines before that week. One Tigers. The car your look back to the cardinals so we did tell the cardinals early in the year. You mentioned the dolphins adults. Don't just have two wins there on a win streak. Keep moving to hit the brakes. Congratulations to the dolphins. You get further away from the top. Pick the coach didn't have Jacoby therefore we must keep it move. Keep Moving Jacoby well. The Knicks are even worse than I thought it would be keeping moving or hit the brakes. We must hit the brake. WELL NEXT President Steve Mills had this to say about the first ten games into into the season for the New York knickerbockers. Just any curiosity what spurred you guys to address us in this fashion. 'cause it's it's rare for.

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