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Willie mcginest putting on a tutorial here pauley for some reason always does is no matter who comes in an athlete pauley wants to challenge him says holly was going to try to block willie mcginest i kinda wanna see what it's like an and willie was very nice he's a nice as well is he said you we go on for real for real people you said yeah you go and it's still seventy 75 percent yup of willie a couple of years ago we had met fourteen studio okay and i say give me a real shot he was real real you'd like a slap to the head as like a stiff slept at the head it was a battle they're using concussion protocol that's why they want and then you mean slap five not been working on now in order that i've been working is there a guy you still begrudge against they played again though not at all while grudges like once a walked off the field aware she got personal add that meets were at the buses a low forty grudges on the fruits you meet somebody at the bus i try to a couple of times two couple of guys we'll give me an idea quarterback uh a young guy from baltimore raid was before head at a lot to say french over though it wasn't even playing the wasn't mild zero it was the backup for baltimore do you remember his name no not anymore i forgot can we look and see the backup quarterback for the but what was what was said that you were going to meet him at the bucks his conversation had like with me i could take football taught football trash but when you start to give personal and you start to say other stuff like words that come out of your mouth that go coincide with football then it's like a me to us i'll i'll meets who have the rigor years you say to him as it again i'm not going to a mug a mug i don't condone certain things you know as a man that polio quicken and aj anthony right chris redman trent dilfer tony banks oh settle oh settles away the choi smith choice old block all the trash ga and i use the and i.

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