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Let's go ahead and get this show started concern one so rights earth two were back ladies and gentlemen we got the man with the vassar plan. Mr brian how you doing today I'm doing good how you're doing. Legendary is always like like. I always say any day you wake up a time time. Champion is a good day So we are guy. I spoke about this yesterday. A little bit and We're gonna go ahead had also get into it today a little bit but we have a little bit more information former third round. Pick in ninety seven. Greg clark has passed over the weekend. Of course they're not gonna okay there we go. It's gonna let me exit the ad. Okay here we go. He was forty nine years. Old niners have released A statement saying in our organization is deeply side. The learn the pricing Very clark the forty niners. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. The official cause of death wasn't announced but in a statement from his family. It says it is with great sadness. He announced unexpect- bassey grade. Clark jarash has been father son. Friend is to with our chievements temper husband. Basically it says loving husband and that's where it cuts off very sad of. I was just telling. Brian who might be a little young to remember. Mr greg hawkes career. But but i definitely remember him at. Everybody talks about the of course you heard it right there. The intro the ninety eight An c champion or nfc wild card game guess lacquers but great kark caught two touchdowns in that game and so You know obviously does have meets the most..

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