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Stop Fauria he is why do my wifely duties then us so really I noticed that we have some scheduled for eight o'clock we are looking for Kate bliss heros we're doing one or two of these people today just people you people like you people who are on the front line if you're like a call and you were alone in the bay bridge on your way into whatever your essential job was today you know it can be as simple as one to share your experience with us and as elaborate as you've you've worked out the solution of this whole thing but the people who are on the front lines who are keeping the world running we're highlighting you and after you come on the show when you say your little shout outs and we get to know who you are you can find these people's stories everybody that we had on is that a radio Alice dot com slash hero which is where we have the actual link to the segment that the people are on and the more information is likely like yesterday for instance we had a woman from the Oakland animal protection agency I she was on talking about how they're handling adoptions and all that you know that animals still need to be fed and cared for and that's essential and so if you're interested in that or thinking about you know Hey I've got time to train a puppy right now you can go to radio while stock com slash hero and find out more information about it and but all the other people who've been on there so far alright let's start here with just some updates on who's got it and who's you know past it cetera British prime minister Boris Johnson he's in bad shape he's fifty five years old but he's been moved to intensive care they're saying that he is not on a ventilator that he just needed oxygen support and that they moved into the I. C. U. just in case he is spokesperson of course says he's receiving excellent care a tweet from its official account says unless not only advice of my doctor I went into hospital for some routine tests is I'm still experiencing corona virus symptoms I'm in good spirits and keeping in touch with my team as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe so I'm not sure he's doing the tweeting or if they're just sort of tweeting on his behalf but this seems like tweeting would be the least of your worries when you were in the hospital of coronavirus well but that message that's that's become recently in recent years it's become the way politicians get a message out and if there's no message I could see that being a message huh so that's that he did write that J. K. Rowling of Harry potter fame says she was suffering from all the symptoms of Kobe nineteen for the past two weeks and now she feels fully recovered she said she didn't get tested she shared a video of a doctor explaining a technique for relieving respiratory problems that she says work for her she's fifty four years old I'm and then I guess if you go to isn't it it's like Harry potter world she's got a whole website set up all things Harry potter and I guess you've got a bunch of activities on there like if you're looking for something to do with your kids all right yeah you might be you might be down with that I know you love Harry potter a corona virus took the life of an actor by the name of the J. Benedict he was in aliens and the dark knight rises he was sixty eight years old mmhm and Michael Shea from Saturday Night Live he died too he didn't die his mother died saying his grandmother died from complications from the virus he said I'm obviously very hurt and angry that she had to go through all that pain alone but I'm also happy she's not in pain anymore and I feel guilty for feeling happy basically the whole gamut of complex feelings everyone else has losing someone close and special yeah the idea that first I thought of it about my mom like if she went to the hospital we wouldn't get to go see her right and then I was thinking if I had if I got sick I'd probably drive myself there and who knows if I did I'd be someone have to go get my car after I'm dead right trip it is it is a whole like people can't come around you because you'll risk them is well that's a bummer I feel bad for that guy enroll ram on who died alone I know that's the thing it's like you think about what you want the end of your life to be like and listen that you don't always get your wish but you know you're saying that you're that there is a rounded by fan they say it all the time he died peacefully surrounded by family right okay that sounds like the way to go that does sound like the way to go at least you know there were people there who loved you and cared about the outcome of the the lying in the bed yeah that's it that is got to be really really tough it's awful he said one of the things about Ebola and why it spread so much is that I guess I'm in some of these villages where it was happening the the ritual when someone dies is to lay yourself process prostrate on the body yeah and the World Health Organization had to get in there and go listen you have to stop can't lay yourself on the infected body right now you're infected body so yeah I mean that's that's got to be probably one of the hardest part about having this is going into the hospital and being truly alone I mean sure there's the front line workers as the health care workers is people who truly care and you know those are good people there angels but to not be able to see your people that gotta be devastating of Bruce Willis and demi Moore are in the news today why they're self isolated together with their children twenty years after their divorce what about his wife doesn't say anything about her in the story many they actually say it is not known if his current wife Emma Heming Willis she's forty one is staying with the Willis more family to Susan and I have two kids together Mabel who is eight and Evelyn who is five they married an own nine are right now they're saying Bruce Willis sixty five more fifty seven are spending the corona locked down in the with at least two of their three daughters I guess there was a photo that was put up other daughter Tallulah twenty six shared a photo of her parents twinning in matching straight pajamas the pair are on very friendly terms and they're pictured hugging at the at the front of the photo of giving the camera a thumbs up also in the snapshot is to lose older sister scout and her husband Dylan bus I guess they're all hang in there but the price of a compound you know well they bought a town in Idaho I don't know if that's where they are if they're still but back in during their day what was that the nineties yeah they bought something and I are not Iowa Idaho Idaho yeah yeah I don't know where their compound is I mean it would make sense of something like this was going down and you have access to a private jet and a compound simpler you get on the jet and go Rumer Willis is not in this that's the oldest daughter eldest at three thirty one I she's not in this particular photo but if you look at her Instagram suggests that she too is there isolating whether family no word on whether his actual life is there some and is this in regard to give the history of their relationship well the only person that really has to be concerned about what's going on there is his wife I gas yes things like they're all safe so that's great but right she seems to be on the the other side of that door she did maybe she was somewhere else I don't know maybe there was some extenuating circumstances that made it so that she couldn't be there I can't think of what those might be about what she was exposed place both sorry you're isolating alone have a good one right but I heard no deer yeah but I'm here with my ex wife and our our three kids it's you know it's like a family reunion you just stay there it's fine we don't need the tension you know as of two weeks ago she posted something so they're still together they're having Willis yes yes so they're together but they're not isolated together or you know so it is yeah I don't know about that but two weeks ago we were in lockdown right so yeah and she's still saying happy anniversary to her friend to the end her and Bruce so unless you're gonna hear friend to that vendor the and friend to the end but it is there eleven year anniversary I don't know what I should say a friend to the end and yeah your best friend well you know you should be friends with your spouse that's helpful sure specially in these times when we're the only person I'm saying but here's something that's happening on April eighteenth this is not this weekend but next weekend and I'm seeing conflicting reports on this not that it's not happening or is happening or who's in the lineup it's whether or not it's a fundraiser lady Gaga is saying it's not a fundraiser join us and enjoy and this particular story saying that it's going to raise money for the covert nineteen solidarity response fund so I'm not sure if they can hit me up for money but here's the basic idea late night host Jimmy Fallon Stephen Colbert Jimmy Kimmel who are all friends it's funny because they're you know members all the late night wars where Leno and letterman hated each other and yeah I love all kinds of contentious stuff set off out in cold air and Jimmy Kimmel our office even come on each other's shows even though they all compete well they didn't if you were a member Johnny Carson own late night period there wasn't another there wasn't competition and Dave and Jay Leno both have their eyes on that gig so that's one of those things that that's why move they made movies about it right when so I think we always got to come up in their own way and didn't have a right to it yeah each got their own show they're all doing their own thing and competing in so they are teamed up and they're going to host something at that they're calling it a global fund raiser for corona relief lady Gaga I don't think that the memo on the fact that they're going to be raising money I've called one world together at home and it's airing on ABC CBS and NBC next Saturday night lady Gaga is curating the special and they'll be appearances by Alanis Morissette Billie Eilish Billie Joe.

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Aired On Tuesday, April 07, 1 PM, On Alice @97.3.

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