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Diamonds direct live line. We find Michael Bauer Michael except pretty rare in a big news story when it seems early on the conspiracy theorists are pretty far out there. But as we continue to roll, it seemed like they were closer to the truth. And what we were getting from the authorities could very well be you're talking about the murder of journalist, Jamal kashogi, Washington Post journalist and and Saudi national but living in the US for the past couple of years here. Now, we were supposed to hear from president Erta one and Turkey where the alleged murder took place inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Erta one was going to reveal the naked truth today. Joel this is going to be the big release. I'm gonna give all of the information here. And when he addressed the of the the the council early in parliament, he didn't give any facts at all he'd created a timeline, and he added some information at that time line, but it just added rhetoric to the scandal. There was no proof. There was no audio tape. There was no DNA evidence. There was no slide show or PowerPoint present. Station. He did say that the Saudi government created premeditated political murder within his country, but offered no evidence to back that claim whatsoever. Now, there was this is all in the heels, by the way of an opposition politician yesterday floating story and Sky News is reporting this morning that Jamal kashogi body parts were found in a well near the Saudi consulate in history. Some of the people reporting that it was on the grounds of the Saudi consulate itself. Something nearby the Saudi consulate, but that it was reported that these body parts were found what you heard from Turkish president Irwan today wondering in front of their in the parliament. Where is the body? Nobody knows where the body is basically calling on Saudi Arabia to let him know who within Turkey helped them hide that body, and then demanding that the Saudis bring the fifteen people that allegedly were involved in the killing of kashogi to stand trial in Istanbul. So what we know is that kashogi was harsh on the Saudi Royal family in in those kinds of things is there any one particular piece or phrase or article or column that people point to and say this was the breaking point from Saudi Saudis. It just seemed as though there was a multiple different attacks in they're calling it a tax. But really honestly seemed as though from the writings of kashogi were. Criticisms of the incoming a reign of the current crown prince, and why things were changing on probably a more progressive level than Saudis seen in the past. So he was likely in the in the process of backing the old fashioned style of things would have rather had had things change in a different form than in the drastic form that was happening under the current crown prince that seemed to be where the criticism wasn't that seem to be where the Royal family was not happy with his comments. So, you know, in in our opinion here in the US that might not be enough to take anybody out and and kill them. But maybe according to the Saudis, or that part of the world in general, that's something that happens with somewhat I guess regularity to a certain extent, we know. For instance, let's just be clear about this Turkey while conducting this investigation and everything that's happened on the Turkish land here in regards to kashogi Turkey is very famous for holding journalists captive if they like if they write something that the the Turkish et politicians. Don't like so this is not something that is new on the Turkey side of things as well. So. In that part of the world. Journalists are under heavy criticism for what they write sometimes punished for that. Maybe this was just an overplaying of the card on the Saudis hand in the confines of Turkish territory. I'm wondering too. We don't know where the body is per se there are scattered reports. But what about the body double that video service in the last twenty four hours? Yeah, did indeed. And in fact, that Turkish officials identifying that individual you can see on this footage that was released yesterday to CNN and numerous other outlets that show what appear to be kashogi walking out of the back of the Saudi council at there. And he's wearing the same shirt and close the kashogi was wearing going into the consulate hours earlier. But this seems to be him walking out healthy only if you pay close attention, you can tell there's a different hair the beard doesn't look the same. And they are stating that this was somebody brought in of the fifteen people from Saudi Arabia to take care using my air quotes there of kashogi on some level. This was a person brought in for the sole purpose of being the body double for kashogi. So whether it was a murder that was going to be planned by the crown prince and Saudi Arabian some level, or if it was an abduction that was going to be happening. And they wanted to have somebody who looked like a show you walking out. That's why this person was brought into to Turkey for this. Particular reason we'll keep working on answers and will do the same Michael. Thanks Michael Bauer on Jamal kashogi here. Newsradio six ten WTVN. Jimmy, just a minute. We've got another chance to win a grand in your hand. We've got news. We'll start that with traffic and weather, then we'll draw down on midterms. Get Alex Castellanos take. That's all coming up here on NewsRadio six ten WTVN.

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