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Good evening this is the eleven thirty report i'm rob comper the forecast from the apollo plumbing and electrical weather center tonight mostly clear and cool with a low of forty degrees tomorrow sunshine returns the high of sixty five then slowly warming up wednesday sunny a high in the upper 60s sunny thursday a high in the low to mid 70s were in the mid 70s by friday afternoon with continued sunny skies that's the forecast from your severe weather station newsradio 700 wlw currently forty five degrees here's the big stories you'll be talking about on newsradio 700 wlw wave record amount of people packed downtown over the the weekend not for sports not even for food but or the plan was that we were going to get about five hundred thousand visitors over the weekend so now we were off on that we got one million visitors over the four night so our plan actually was quite successful although we were off by five hundred thousand people rick walberg with the chamber talking about the response to blink cincinnati massive free light festival than ran from the banks too over the rhine city leaders and organizers will meet some time tomorrow to talk about plans for next year able to county prosecutor joe deedar says announced each 2500 dollar reward for information leading to the unsolved shooting that occurred lorde earlier this summer and west six street near the i 75 south ramp anyone who normally drives in that area that may have seen or heard something is urged to call crime stoppers at three five two thirty forty in an update after an oil rig explosion late yesterday in louisiana causing injuries in a massive fireball at lake pontchartrain right outside new orleans an oil rig explosion sent flames shooting into the night homes in the area shook rescue crews are desperately searching for worker who is still missing glass seriously injured at least seven workers on the rig shrapnel and flaines flew in all directions the rig blue just out after seven pm the entire platform was on fire in minutes authorities believe the fire was caused by cleaning chemicals on the surface of the platform that caught fire there is a possibility that oil could be leaking into the lake abc's steve sampson samih reporting in i'm rob carpenter our next update will be at midnight breaking news anytime on news radio 700 wlw on obama iheart radio online on your smartphone hype had an tablet 700 wlw dot com well it's time for breakfast but you've been sitting at a threehour traffic jam it's time to grab a bigger as breakfast set which so you could keep roland try.

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