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Leave them with little savings for big purchases or unexpected emergencies. And i want to weigh in on something here because it characterise these people as not being living in poverty. And i disagree when i was looking to title this pretty or make show knows earlier. I started to say rich. Millennials are broke. And i stopped because they're clearly not rich at the road there living in poverty because they're not saving any money but what are they driving. It probably driving a nicer car. Let's her house worcester neighborhood. Like what are they eating. You're not living talking to last. But they're the connotations. These people these paycheck to paycheck irs. There's the there's the The idea that that lifestyle is poverty is impoverished. it's a time of fear. We should all be afraid. And if you're not afraid then you're just doing it wrong. You should be afraid of your neighbor. You should be shred of your friends. You should be afraid to sit outside and your backyard by yourself. If you're not wearing a mask at least that's what this. This lady seems to think. I don't remember exactly. Oh from australia. This lady in australia. New south wales. She is dr kerry chant and according to the The blaze dot com. She is the head health minister. The chief health officer of new south wales. Australia now says he's actually a mentor crap. Yeah so as she's you know she's like your f- ouchi she's the The new south wales version of that basically. And so basically. You've got what's going on down there right now If most is extremely tyrannical y- how they're handling. This has been a lockdown in sydney for the last few weeks. Very very serious lockdown. There's there's news in There's like headlines over at the drudge report today about a guy that has been arrested. I think for using bedsheets to escape his hotel room. There's another woman who is being prosecuted for having a drone deliver her cigarettes to her hotel as well and this and this is all because of a couple of cases right. Even if you've got an ask do you not think that affords title protection. We want to be absolutely sure that as we go about daily lines we do not come into contact with anyone else. That would pose a risk. Everyone is in danger. This is what they were rumored to have been signed to this effect in china in the subways during back january of last year saying being friendly no they were worse than that saying things like everyone you see is a ghost that could kill you. This is the chinese government so. I'm not surprised that they would be that extreme. But we've gotten that same level of fear mongering here in the united states it was just not pedaled directly from the government. Usually you did have your foul cheese saying things that were along those lines but the vast majority of the the actual fear that people felt it just seemed to come from a combination of media and commercials. That convinced them that they had to be afraid. Now i don't particularly see any relevant with what's going on in australia to here. She wants people to be unfriendly..

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