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You know what pro that when you know you're fucking black that at the light when I was on the phone with Eddie came to me that the chicken suck. My dick, I go Eddie. Chicks up my big last night. He goes way you took a home or go. No, I got no home right there in Oakham. Padre goes win on the bathroom. He goes right out yoga Gono in the stall. And then he asked me at the how question he goes. Did you close the stall go? Why would I close the stall? She my dick, yeah. If I was sucking HUD, dick, I closed the stalk because I'm gone Chien-jen. That's how crazy l. compadres those days. That was crazy, Hollywood stories. I have a great story about Dublin's. I tell this, but let me ask you this delving floor. We do that thing together with the people fucking outside, and we had to do stand up comedy. It was Jason Tibo Dunkin. That must have been somebody organized that I've done shows. People are fucking we did the show up in the hills or they gave fifteen hundred flat, and it was the people from what was the guy that was shown women attached. You went to a bar girl scout gone while now. So it was like these are median fucking Arab guys came through store and they picked up like five or six comics they were trying to put together. Jason Tibo was one of the headlines they gave you baggage Oyston, put you in a trailer, and then people are gonna fuck around the pool and you were going to go up on stage and do jokes any shit. Disgusting. Scott. It's number people you want actually watch. It was disgusting. Strimmer. There's one husband came yoked up on steroids, looking at mad dog in urban. He's like, my wife is he and his wife was maybe like six. She was filthy fucking atom. Like when she took him, sand was on, she had dirt on her feet who forget that she got on top of the diving board. Could people just fucking that he would just stand, look, how good a pizza. My wife is like it was just totally disgust and we got there one in the afternoon. We had to sit through this. I'm a pig is I'm a pig when I tell you that I was like disgusted. There was a pool people fucking by the pool than they had where you change you Powell on the pool thing. I wanted there at one point and that was people fucking everywhere. And people were taping this. Then we had a weight but terrific dark for the comedy start. Also we got there at one shooting porn, where were they? What they were going to shoot was five comedians with sex around you and they were going to sell it this way before the infinite guys is it had to be two thousand one, two thousand to somebody found it online. The guy's lost their ass. Oh, yeah. Girls gone wild. No, no. These guys that were like girls gone wild. They had an idea and the big play on crazy. Yeah. What big plan was they were going to rent PV on thanksgiving night and just pushed the add on night order. Now when you'll see comedians and grows having sex and Bubba pro, they invested so much money like they told us what they invested part of the deal for me was like fifteen hundred and like a bag of joint where they let you jump in. No. You didn't want to jump in. Trust me there was they, I like like nudist nudist are never wants the naked. It's almost like a warning, go a water. They hired female models that were extras good-looking ones, and they didn't know where they were going to show because they thought they were going to mom. They got to see all these ugly women getting fucked by different men and gang banged than shit. And some of them started leaving angry and crying and shit like that..

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