Illinois, Yellowstone National Park, Harassment discussed on Weekend Edition


To go into effect in the chicago area next week the tax have been scheduled to take effect on july 1st but a retailer group in illinois filed a lawsuit in illinois judge dissolved a temporary restraining order yesterday clearing the way for the penny per ounce tax to take effect on wednesday yellowstone national park taking action against up to a dozen employees after an investigation found sexual harassment up some female employees and other problems you'll stone public radio's nate hedgy reports superintendent dan length says some of the employees could be fired while others could receive suspensions or counseling tell me an organization of it has almost a thousand employees in funny won the dozen of issues of a workplace issues i don't think you will doesn't mean we should improve wake says the actions against yellowstone employees could start as early as august but he wouldn't give any more details citing privacy the move comes as whites red reports of harassment bullying and other misconducts have tarnished the image of the national park service and its parent agency the us interior department federal investigators found problems at many of the nation's most popular parks including yellowstone yosemite glacier and the grand canyon for npr news in springs wyoming i nate hedgy this is npr support for npr comes from the herbert simon family foundation supporting npr and member station w f wi i in indianapolis working together to cover stories and issues that inform listeners in indiana and beyond by providing critical information about the factors influencing education.

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