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Ball. Ends up wrestled away from going to and it will be a throwing for the switchbacks. They quickly get it in here. Now to the middle for Michael Edwards. Edwards. To the middle of the field for Jose Torres. Torrez. To Andre Lewis. Now out to the far side. Switch Facts Again. East and West Need more north South. Here's some at a very a loses it Take him back away by Torrez. Now, Andre Lewis. Louis in the middle of the field, has one defender on him. Plays it to the near side for Sebastian Andersson. Now this Stephen at your very newly entered into the contest, he gets it tapped away and out Sebastian Andersson with the throwing It's in a Torrez, trying to feed at Bavaria on the run could not Orange County gains possession. And this one goes out off of orange County. Aw, gee, Barry has it on his feet gives it off to Sebastian Anderson Anderson up to achieve area Now. Here's Haji Berry. Very trying to thread the needle through the Dashain Beckford could not, but the ball goes out for a corner. Kick the switchbacks. Place it quickly. 86th minute they're running out of time. OC Just going to Excuse me, Orange County. The artist formerly known as OC, going to slow things down here with a little bit of a Hamstring cramp just inside the box. Good old ham cram. Switch banks gonna have a corner kick. Drink pickle juice, they say. No, They say that but not for me. Run it. Yeah, not for me. Better than PD a light though. Yeah. When did that becoming? Oh, terrible. Give me a Pepsi any day of the week. You know what I'm saying? I feel Yeah. So, uh, Guess we'll because we haven't mentioned our friends at Sentara. Let's let you know that this Injury stoppages brought to you by center health. So here we go 87 a half minutes into this one switch banks. Have you get to score? Here comes the ball in headed away by Orange County. Yet again, this one will be out it hit, so it should be a corner. There will be a corner kick. It's going to be a Pepsi corner kick Pepsi. That's what I like. And that's what Roland likes. And we also like corner kicks for the switchbacks. They'll go short. Now they'll play it for post header by Oxford just wide. Oxford had the beat on his man and just could not frame that one up perfectly flighted ball into the back post. Jimmy offer great leap at that very same back Post just couldn't direct his header. Inside, pushes it and behind toward the trailheads. Great chance for the switchbacks, though. There's still time just What Gold kick by Romero headed by the switchbacks now by Orange County. And by marketing to the near side line. That's where Anderson tracks it down. Anderson sets his feet gives it off to Michael Edwards. Edwards reversing fields and that ball holds up. In the Thin mountain air. And it's taken away by Orange County SC here comes dry on the near side. Dry tries to sidestep Michael Edwards. Edwards takes away from him. But then it ends up right back on the feet of Brian Arlovski. Wolosky. As a back Now to call a video. You look to take a shot tamped away ends up right to an Orange County player takes a shot and that goes into the back of the net. Now we'll do it. Orange County. It's a long taken a two goal lead with only 90 seconds left. In regular time. Yeah, the made on the near side couple of Orange County players. Nice play initially from Arlovski Ball found its way over. You thought the trigger was going to be pulled. It wasn't Sean Melvin came out. Got a little bit of a piece of it in the back of the net. It goes. I think that's Calvillo the second half. Substitute with the winning goal. This is nice play initially from Wolosky. And then Calvillo just coming over. And finishing that one wasn't the prettiest but Orange County. We will take it and we'll take three points out of wider field Salvio's first goal of the season in just his third appearance, so he's gotta Be happy, and we will get, uh not much additional time. From Tiktok Shop on loan from the Earthquakes is Calvillo. It'll be just about it for This match. Orange County takes possession. And a foul goes against Colorado Springs switchbacks FC, I don't know Just a hunch. The Conversation around this match, I think is going to be mostly directed not at Guys wearing black jerseys. There are orange jerseys, but The third color. Oh, and not green. So the fourth color All right there that yellow night. Wait. Deng it. Yeah, see the referees? That's why I'm a lot of conversation is going to be about the officiating. That's what I was. Getting at Sebastian Anderson plays it down to Stephen Echeverria. Echeverria going far post played by Michi Galina, taken away by Orange County. And this wants it. It's going to sting, but Give a lot of credit to Orange County. As this one goes across the face of gold. Romero makes the save and that one cleared out to the near side and a throne point is coming, and it will be a substitution. Um As AMP. It What May You got to look at the back of the sure because number 30 is Anthony Anderson on our roster. Mm. And it will be.

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