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Addressed to him all on open. What we're no. I'm sorry you're done. I was just going to say what were. Maybe because i'm sure some guy wrote you know. Hey i need money for beer. And then there was some of the most heartfelt ten page letters what were some of them. That really stuck with you. Yeah it was incredible. I mean literally every imaginable request you can think of. It didn't letters because brady went on that show he went on walter cronkite. He said if you need money just write me a letter and tell me you'll do it and i'll send you some money and so one of the first line is that really grabbed me was a five year old girl who wrote in to say She'd never had a winter coat. And if if you would send five dollars she by one or coat You know there was a there was a mother who wrote in to say. My son is over in vietnam. My husband and i work seventy hours a week. Just to make ends me We've never taken a vacation. But if you send us a thousand dollars my husband and i will travel to saigon so that we can visit our son at the war They were just people asking for help with with medical debt with education. Starting new businesses sticking out from from underneath you know layers generations of poverty. you know. We saw people dimond cabins. People who lived in Projects people lived in rural america. You know and then there were letters from all over the world Other countries you know the three got picked up and and it really traveled so we got letters from spain and south america and australia In china and india and the thing that struck us. I think was like with every letter you saw just different corner of the world. A different layer of of need or desire and some of the letters are critical. You know some of the letter said this is a terrible idea. You're going to run out of money before long and you're gonna leave a lot of people Wanting more or your fool i would never do that money You're gonna get old sunday like me and you're gonna need it It was it was just a fascinating process and we fell in love with the letter. Writers about how heartbreaking it is all the thought and hope and crossing the fingers on the letters were never read like letters to santa. The movie is called. Dear mr brody and it is playing at. Sf doc fest sf indeed dot com for more information for virtual and of course our guest Keith maitland is going to be winning the van gore vanguard award and this is a fascinating topic looking forward to seeing it keith. And congratulations on the award man. Thanks thanks for having me on this morning and Hope you'll check out the all right good stuff once again. Dear mr brody you can check that out all right. We'll take a quick break and when we come back. We'll have roy butler with us into the inventor of the lambeau leap..

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