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She told them what happened in real time shortly after it occurred. And of course, that was always the yardstick that I used when I was investigating the Paula Jones sexual harassment claims, and it's one that people reporters look for. To assess whether to believe account of from a, whether to believe a, he said, she said, count where there's no video. There's no photographs. There's no definitive proof one way or the other. But when you tell somebody in real time, that's significant. I you're absolutely right, and I think it brings up one. I think, contrast between then and now and it has to do with journalism and with our standards for publishing or airing these kinds of stories back then and now, and I wonder maybe this is something we can get into is whether those standards have lowered a little bit. When you go back and you look at the Washington Post story at the time and the NBC piece at the time, it was pretty rigorous. They were almost bending over backwards to show every possible gap in the story, or, you know, you know, doubts or credibility issues. And I think that there's a lot of, you know, really good journalism happening right now in this area, but. I think the standards have lowered maybe a little bit interesting because precisely that charge that standards had lowered was leveled against the reporters who who disclosed, Juanita broaddrick story at. So we're going to have one of those reporters on with us to talk about it Lois Romano who was a reporter for the Washington Post for many years veteran and she our byline was on the front page Washington Post story that ran back in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. But before we bring Lois in, I just want to sort of remind people of the essence of of one eight abroad story and also play a couple of clips from the interview that Lisa Myers. NBC news did with Juanita broaddrick that aired on dateline on national TV, and I should point out that that came as. Did the Washington Post story after the Clinton impeachment trial was over in the Senate, and he had been acquitted when it could no longer have the influence that I think many people hoped it would. So just the basics, Juanita Broderick was nursing home operator in Arkansas. She had met Bill Clinton in April one thousand nine hundred seventy eight when he was running for governor. He was the attorney general, as I mentioned before, she expressed interest in in volunteering for his campaign Clinton invited her to give him a call when she was next in Little Rock. She did on April twenty. Fifth, while she was there for a nursing home convention Clinton. Invites himself up to her hotel room for a Cup of coffee says he didn't want reporters would be mulling milling about downstairs. We wanted to talk to a privately. She invited him on up and then she says, he began to make some sexual advances to her and he kept pressing her for in in the course of those sexual advances. We have a couple of clips. I wanna play where you can hear, Juanita, broaddrick, tell the really key parts of our story about what came next and he tries to kiss me again. And the second time he tries to kiss me. He starts biting lip..

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