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The U. S economy not only failed to gain some back in December, it lost 140,000. It was mostly driven by the 372,000 jobs cut by bars and restaurants. Because of both new covert shutdowns and cold weather that made outdoor dining almost impossible. Most economists predicted some improvement, maybe 50,000. But gains in a few other industries, including retail factories and construction failed to offset the losses, which were also big and hospitality and leisure overall. Also not helping all the delays in passing and signing the coronavirus relief package. The overall jobless rate remains steady at 6.7%. Boeing is paying $2.5 billion to settle a Justice Department investigation into whether it misled regulators about it's 7 37 Max jets before the two fatal crashes rock hell, Solomon reports the settlement would lift the legal cloud that has hung over the company for about two years. Are. Prosecutors have been probing high profiled lapses by Boeing and telling the FAA about the shortcomings on the max before and after the accidents. The settlement includes a $243 million fine. More than $2 billion in compensation to airline customers and families of crash victims. I'm her health Solomon Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world, overtaking Jeff Bezos by a couple of billion bucks. Musk is worth about 190 billion now, but an investor made famous by the book and movie the Big short for shorting the housing market before the 2000 and collapse is telling musk to enjoy what we can. Michael Burry is now shorting test layer at a time when many other investors Shorted Tesla. All during last year's stratospheric 750% rise have thrown in the towel and Amazons Prime Pantry service that delivered groceries and household essentials is no more. It was one of the retailers. Early attempts at selling food online Prime pantry products have just been folded into Amazon's main site. Consumer and Business News. Joe McConnell, NBC news radio. I heart radio. Did you know Presented by I Heart radio, you know, while you're listening to right now, Did you know that it I heart radio? One of our biggest pet peeve is dead Air. That you know that pause. You get between the songs when you're listening to a ball or playlist or the gaps in your soundtrack. When you're trying to set the mood, it kills the energy destroys the vibe. See, and I her radio. We believe it's not just the music curation in your playlist that matters but also the music presentation..

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