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And k p b s in san diego are teaming up for a special report at noon today on president trump's scheduled trip to the california mexican border coverage will be hosted by scott shafer senior editor of politics and government desk and it will clued live field reports as well as commentary from studio analysts along with the california report jon sepulveda's join us for the noon special today from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly president trump wants cia director mike pompeo to be his next secretary of state trump fired rex tillerson from that job today citing policy differences including disagreements on the iran nuclear deal here's npr's michelle kellerman news broke just hours after secretary tillerson's playing touchdown from a trip to africa he was gearing up for a senate budget hearing later in the weekend for a meeting with his japanese and south korean counterparts he was out of town when president trump accepted an invitation to meet north korea's leader kim jong un and tillerson's aides say he was planning to help trump prepare for that the president is nominating deputy cia director gina hassle to lead the intelligence agency if confirmed by the senate hassle would be the first woman had the the cia a nor'easter is dumping heavy snow on much of new england today blizzard and winter storm warnings are posted over a wide area thousands of power outages are being reported from the third major storm to hit the area in recent weeks meteorologist mark sharon is with the national weather service this is pretty significant snow even for these areas i mean we're talking one to as much as two feet of snow over a large area and it will be a wet snow especially along the coast the tracking firm flight aware says nearly seven thousand airline flights in the us are delayed or canceled.

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