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Recieves races how do I search there's I know there's an apostrophe S. on the end of it in real life yeah but in Paris were with that didn't exist it's just a researcher and we're so rare we call it recieve pieces you have reached this page called a racy pace with all the recent we just decided we were gonna make it round the oppo it without even knowing recent which only took history see PC I think now they make risky because with recent pieces editor which was found by some Christine lease you would come up with the recent P. C. Li Lacy recent patients because your stuff and something inside of something else that's a Christine leasing so I'm just thankful of her own area actually I wonder if Christy leasing I don't know she can join our site if Christine Lacy could make if if Christine Lee C. made a re C. PC like if you all right Christine so if if you had a Reese's Cup with Reese's pieces stuffed in it what would you do stuff that into to break something else I think I would put it in a monster cookie was a monster cookie it's like a peanut butter oatmeal cookie with Eminem's in it or you could also put chocolate chips in it like a chocolate haystacks mama called those chocolate taste yeah we we just were told he was to cook well there's a name for the cookie that Hey it's like made of oatmeal and chocolate what's it called we'll call the haystack will call I don't know it's kind of like it nobody nobody could lose out on you know potter right right so just to be clear the Reese's Cup that is stuffed with Reese's pieces you would stuff that into a cookie that also has it Williams and yeah I think so or do you think it might be too much for the Eminem the second is like that movie inception like we're getting so many layers deep into this that we can't get out well I I like it though Steen swears to me that her homemade peanut butter Easter egg peanut butter chocolate Easter egg will be better than the recent one while coming up third April and will make a list for anyone home all right it's a great all right so so Christine Lee sees received PC's would go inside of a cookie full of Eminem's and that's okay she's just nod and smile so let me know when you're here so I can make the peanut butter eggs okay although I will I will I will let you know ordinating socage could you something Sir sugar to keep me away right thank you had the rare second appearance on the show for my life and I've I've moved the back board I'm sorry no well we didn't get we didn't has access so we had to talk about it have its own so we had to bring you on to talk about what's your favorite snack I don't know I think like a lot like her like anything chocolate like a little Hershey kiss or something like that so you would you call that a snack yeah a little C. R. twenty five she some crunchy is a snack what's is what you lack is a looks like all cheesy salty seems like a dude thing or we might be more like sweet salty seems like a dude thing right I thought it was the greatest hater chip the chips yeah what's the greatest writers now she's like now she's a suit like I can see your brain working right now she's like it would be it would be I mean can I take the protection of something else because it was good I have been there with pretzels though like you chop up pencils and put in something sweet that's another potential there you go somewhere we want when we were younger and and dumber you know what you know what their junior you said they've built you used to make sandwiches and it would be like hammer whatever he has some like deli meat on it and he put the Rideau's on the sandwich inside the bread in college he's a call cheese it was cheese on south following you around until you call it she's like a billion cursing like she can't she's like what thank you all right Christine Lee C. go back to upstate New York until about Christine leases Reese's pieces Iraqis okay thank you I've always bother bother bother bother so look what your dog is on the phone right now he's getting a call from the he's going to call for the bosses going Hey listen that was too much talk about snacks without actual snacks it's army you know look this Saturday morning there was going to get the doughnuts we can we we didn't even veer off on the best donuts that maybe we'll do that next week as well all game like I don't I don't know Reuters will say just like milk peanuts in the shell she doesn't Kobe reminded me to R. I can't watch a baseball game regardless of level yeah I don't have a cold beer in my hand the others are somewhere that's on American Hey Brian from north Carolina's online at all since you're on the computer screen is here's a note on snacks well I love you guys forgot where he came from you talk about almonds as a snack come on buddy your to your to initiate these days moon pie give me some volumes some sort of joke so I'll give you a cheater but almonds as a snack ma'am come on buddy yeah I understand I understand criticism is warranted it's very fair criticism to go almonds because they are entirely too healthy to be considered a southern snack like we'd like poor grounds is what he wants me to say you know some junior Johnson pork rinds yeah well I'll say this so you can get you can do about you can get whatever kind of always you won't know sorry ones are the bomb that will stop you know honey you know what's really good is cracked pepper pistachios in the shale settle down Jack they're the real deal Holyfield so almost don't count as a snack Bryant that's okay that's all right yeah I I'll I don't what do you get in a baseball game me too yeah you know it's not about saucer before leave you know it's cold beer bottle with a soft serve when you go to Kentucky basketball game the referendum they can this have you had it head to the staple sinister that's what people get angry if you don't have to wonder how good could it be this is legit it is it is the request one of my weaknesses is soft serve ice cream it really is a a weakness I'm pretty good at throwing the Heisman Trophy you are at and desserts but soft serve ice cream is just the bomb especially member DQ back in the day when they were chocolate dip the the the officer that still happens and it hardens around the saucer that still happens you just don't you don't get it some notes total total happens but went straight talk brought to talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart even the Walmart in south Charlotte we're a little Steph curry is laying in the floor puts in a fit over a toy coming up straight ahead working on this crossover it's hill Billy headlines more to give you a fair idea of the SEC network and ESPN app snacks angel.

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