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People coming up with the mathematical framework in the theory i mean you can't like sample a black hole and just say okay let's see what's going on right so i i realize a lot of that is is very difficult to relate to human experience so i think it's time to move on and talk about black holes and time we've talked about like sort of visual experience in the the spatial experience of approaching and injuring a black hole crossing its fin rise in but then there's this whole question about what happens with time because we're talking about space time we're talking about an object warp space time with it's incredible mass yeah now one thing that's absolutely true that we know is that time is relative so the outside observers version of what happens to you when you enter a black hole might be very different than your subjective experience of what happens to you when you enter a black hole because you're not experiencing time in the same way yeah one of the the key things that we'll touch on again here is you talk about these scenarios where one person enters the black hole in one person watches from behind the one in the front looks back at the one in the back but then you cannot have a third observer who can see both inside a black hole and outside of the black hole right like there the once you cross the event arise in that's it yeah okay well i think we've got to take a quick break and then after that we will come back and explore black holes and time i'm erin mckie most as i'm writing and producing the hit podcast lore now i'm opening the doors of my own virtual room of wonder with aaron mckie's cabinet of curiosities every tuesday and thursday you'll get a guided tour through some of the most bizarre corners of history from unexplainable moments and coincidences to people and objects that come with unusual backstories visit apple podcasts dot com slash curiosities to subscribe analysts.

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