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The the corporate state as it were there's a a rightwing alliance that has been put together ed pilkington a wrote about this for the guardian in fact the headline of the article this is from by the end of august its august 30th uh the headline of the article is right wing alliance plots assault to de fund and defang america's unions and uh apropos of that there's this group it's called the statepolicy network this is the the new thing funded by the petro billionaires it's 66 state based thinktanks they call them idea factories have a budget of a combined annual budget of eighty million dollars according to this article uh it's slogan his state solutions national impact and uh as as ed pilkington rights the uh the group outlines name to construct a rightwing hegemony throughout the united states working from the bottom up to do that a first has to sweep aside the public sector unions and their historic ties to democratic and progressive politicians and uh how are they going to do that they say we have a once in a lifetime chance to reverse the failed policies the american left we are primed right now to deliver the fatal bro blow to permanently break the the left's stranglehold on our society so what is that fatal blow well it comes right along in the next paragraph big government unions are the biggest sources of funding and political muscle for the left and a major obstacle to the ability of voters reclaim control of american government to win the battle for freedom women's take the fight to the union's statebystate uh they say the target of the unionbashing quote is to defunding defanged one of our freedom movements most powerful opponents the government unions we're talking about permanently depriving the left from access to millions of dollars and dues since act ten by the way the one of the first states they to the sin was in wisconsin scott walker basically criminalised publicsector sector unions didn't criminalize he he you know is the right to work for less for publicsector unions you don't have the pair union dues but the union has to provide you with services and ask for vijay would legal services so you.

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