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Title wasn't doing anything <hes> so the solutions to build up build up the tail kahar and on and it was in the air flow now who spotted that first opened debate but put like all these things. It's not the rarely eureka moment necessarily. Isn't it sometimes a little bit more. The slow process isn't it but at blaze interesting that it's so he's kinda come down so effectively downside team. That's that's picked up on this. We'll i see why was that this elite porsche team and nineteen seventy s just just interesting that and that's the team is often forgotten match thing why it's made mentioned a lot burke but john trauma important figure actually terms of running teams in ira- subplots actually is his tension wade's with perish because they're completely different types of character while i was a very conservative small see everything i'm gonna go to the racetrack with is going going to be a it's gonna have been tested and we're going to run this pike except those hubs it so you bring in nineteen well that yeah absolutely but i think that that affected the relationship because that's only the second time the the iran the bushes and porsche came out with these new jobs for c. Bring on data and abide absolute moral most of the calls of foreign pashtun ferraris ba- <hes> yes these new hobbs handsome incested and why ran them in broken for free on the right and i think from then on that it just underline wiersma might not actually wants to run every porsche putting new three new things on the nominees have all the time. I think every single car is different and they were probably probably in a different spec pretty much every time they appeared. But what porsche did that really irritated while i was to have a second works team say ninety seventy four salzburg so what tended m._v._p. Alford was the best porsche drive in not part of the gulf setup so it was great for porsche. They offer the peace. Whatever it was to wire <hes> who would call up and say we're white into these proven and then the very next day part would be bolted on to the ports per car and the kale food co's all sorts of problems for them with classic while actually is when they brought out the four point nine liter engine and had an oil leak dream practice while now we'll go back thorn half's and found the four point nine was in the alfred r._n.'s car the following day he will disappear down the road when that opponent you so there was quite a lot of ever really saw i like to ally wire and some of the porsche management it's funny as ninety seven so you look at that that the the why porch was that strongest car that didn't manage to win lamont though saving that your vote of see they were won by a porsche but not alive so that by the nineteen seventy six point kosovan becomes his all conquering..

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