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Taylor. Jim brown and then Shut up yes. No i think you have to do the semantics of the question because when you say the greatest football player all time is it resume is it ability. Is it career. He i should have just said who's the greatest football player our call back now. He's probably still listening. Sorry chris he's he just gave me a thumbs up. Sorry about that. I took forever. Just spit it out. Spit it out. Let me prove that. I know football. Let me say this to chris. Calendar shut up. You had a bunch of good questions in there you had a bunch of. It's a great point and it's a great point. Chris said it several times. I know i know but it was a bad poorly worded question and i can't blame fritzy's not here. I guess that'll stay with me for the next two and a half hours. yes mclovin. you look like you're poised to say something. There's no way tom brady's a better football player than dion. Sanders or randy moss. I'll say that right. We'll take a break here. 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They're also a new clothing partner. Sportifs we created a limited edition. Tailgate package nice package. You get pair sweatpants sweatshirt a win or lose we celebrate flask custom box in there specifically build for this bundle and a handwritten note for me. There's only two hundred of them limited stock available in fact there's a lot less than two hundred since we started this earlier in the week. So hurry won't last long ago to dan. Patrick dot com. We stumbled upon something there with the greatest football player of all time. And i know the. Tom brady has the greatest resume but i think sometimes when we think about a sport the physicality of his sport where we go won't can't be tom brady. He's not a great athlete. And it's and it comes down to your interpretation of the question because who's the greatest football player or who has the greatest resume. Who's the best at their job. Best athletes ever play. You know that might be go jackson dion. They're not the greatest football players of all time. If it's resumes its one guy. It's tom brady lawrence taylor. I've never had that reaction to watching somebody playing person before there was something special about that but that was a five or six year window for lt jim brown. I watched on tv growing up and at times. It felt like it wasn't fair when he got the ball he was much better than anybody on defense but that was prior to you know big time. National primetime football even the super bowl. Jerry rice. I mean those are crazy numbers but he was overshadowed by joe montana right. So how do you answer that. Greatest football player of all time mclovin. Is tom brady. The greatest football player of all time. Now if you're on a playground and you're picking is you're gonna pick jim. Brown bizarre other brady was right there. With manning had similar numbers. There are a lot of guys in his era. who are doing similar things. Okay but in this era. If i said we're picking sides in the first guy you're gonna take his jim brown well. That's a tricky question but brown with chauffeur. I'm looking at the stats. He's so far ahead of the rest of the game when he was playing like. He's still average more yards per game than anyone know by by thirty yards a game. He was babe. Ruth a better football player than tom brady. I but i'd never seen him. What constitutes being a better player physically. He was doing things running over people running past people. I mean he was down. More at tom brady because he's not a great athlete and he's got this resume and he's one of these super bowl's like it. It's like every third year. Tom brady goes to the super bowl every four years. He wins the super bowl..

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