Tillerson Cohen, Special Counsel, Hilary Clinton discussed on The Savage Nation


Now the tillerson cohen's bill would allow review after the special counsel had been dismissed and if the panel of socalled judges the threejudge panel finds that there was no good course for the council removal the person would be immediately reinstated this is such a kangaroo court it's not funny it's coming tomorrow just when you thought it was august the nothing was going to happen you're wrong it's happening right in front of your eyes and mueller is the question and so i again raised the question to you should beulah be fired now i believe he must be fired now for all the reasons i've suggest that number one what mueller is doing is not so much against trump per se is against we the people meal risk putting us on trial you'll hear this a thousand times after the show by doing this to donald trump trump jr jared kushner the others around trump what mueller is doing is putting we the deplorables on trial for having the temerity to have voted for anyone other than hilary clinton he wants to win died us for our judgment he's indicting us for wanting a change is in dining us for wanting to swamp drain he's indicting dining us for not wanting war with russia he's indicting us for all the wrong reasons mueller is an enemy of the people who voted for donald trump mueller is the gravest threat to our democracy if he can undo it election think about what i just said to you if a single rotten lawyer pin undoing election that what the hell is that democracy four give us thinking rotten political appointee act like mueller tete on doing election that what the hell are we voting for.

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