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Yeah. They all fit. If you put the big ones in i in the big ones is my relationship with god is growing my relationship with my husband and my family putting those i especially. We were talking about for people in ministry a lot of times. It's easier it's more exciting to go out it's more we get more thankfulness and more gratitude. When we minister out towards others easier to pray for others needs. Are we praying that much for our own husbands for our own children. you know. That's the question that we have to ask ourselves especially when we're in fulltime minutes or when we're in ministry of any sort is are we getting first things first. Yeah can you talk specifically to those moms that are working moms and feel a strain about the fact that that maybe they you know they drop their kids off early Their kids go to school. They go to after care they pick them up and then they c- they arrive home and they have this push and pull of desperately wanting to spend time with their kids but dinner has to be done and You know maybe the house you know needs to be cleaned or laundry needs to eat the whole those things and yet they still have to get up and go to work in the morning. Can you talk specifically to them. And how how you might encourage them to be intentional about those big rocks being were they need to be and not allowing guilt. Exactly first of all. I just wanna say i feel for you and i feel god's heart for you and i want you to take the pressure off. Take the pressure off in one. One verse that. God gave me with each of when i had a newborn and i was overwhelmed with each of my newport's so five times i it seems like i would be literally praying for cities states nations all this powerful in my relationship with the lord up until like i had baby and then i would realize weeks into this. The only thing i've prayed is god. Help the baby sleep. Lord help me. That was wet. And i think is this what my prayer life has come to what happened. And the verse. Isaiah forty eleven that talks about the father gentle shepherd in how he gently leads. Those who have young. Yeah he brought that up to me all five kids all five kids. He he highlighted. That person said now i am still leading you. It's slower..

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