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Version look back at this week's block all manet firearm this is the thom hartmann program while the back governor with you by today but the day so where where is donald trump taking us this of elbak head back as a pace than today's washington post battle the trump cleanup patrol just had its biggest job yet just mad majan those guys walk rogge behind the elephants in the circus uh this is this is basically you know he's got three generals now walk in a row with uh with with the brooms and what it's it's getting pretty grim in the meantime i'm very pleased to have on the air have our law ally was governor don siegelman the former governor of alabama 1992 2003 his stories profile the new documentary by steve wimbley attic as versus the architect the political assassination does sigelman or sustain formerly was on our show yesterday talking about this a website free dash don die us and you can tweet him at don sigelman as i eat g elena an a gutter welcome welcome back to the program come on atlanta monologue on are on your show our were so the phone call was interrupted and i was taken to solitary confinement for about sixty day so uh look how dropped person snuggle in store for very after this phone call yes i i i was i don't remember where i was but sam sacks was fell and inform you that day and i'm i'm so sorry that that happened to you bon iver evergreen bernd kournikova our karl one could encourage sure your listeners sure i get in touch with her members of congress to try to bring to justice to the core for voter id one of the things that i learned while i was impressed under the criminal justice system has flaws it needs to be fixed by call in now of hope forward uh you know one thing settled down and once i have a little more freedom to travel i can get to some members of congress and make my case sindh offers suggestions that will hopefully help balance the skills with joe sicily in a sense research uh our moral compass at least as far as criminal justice youth scoops yeah i'm i'm still concerned frankly about the theft of our elections i mean this in.

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