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Let's music from the danish composer boo halted the last of his grundvik mo tat's there are five of these mo tat's named for the gruntvig church in copenhagen and that we began that said actually with the first of the five which as you could probably tell shares a lot of musical material you've got the oregon drone in the in the background in the the ascending set of of cords from the chorus ours nova is the name of the choir that performed this music by blue halten we've heard them performa quite a few of his pieces over the years in between the two gruntvig motete spy bul hilton we heard one of the seven magnificant enter farms by the estonian composer arvo perished oh emanuel was the particular add to fawn we heard sung by this chorus from the city of kinshasa the symphony orchestra their associated with is the key mbongi sta symphony orchestra this is the chorus that comes from the same kind of communitybased music program there in kinshasa and although neither the chorus nor the orchestra has much infrastructure behind the of their own of a great concert hall in in the case of the orchestra and a lot of quality in from its they still make make it musical you know they're just they're committed and really great performances uh this is from uh the film score to the movie felicite them film score is called a round felicite also features the congo traumatic sound of the kasai allstars which we've heard on new sounds in the past on this edition of new sounds though we are focusing on voices and in a moment we'll hear from the american composer francis white her piece is for chorus and electronics so stay with us for that as we continue with new.

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