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He won abilities under team expressing pointed professionals refreshingly or shift lines simulcast event will be held april twelve i jimmy johnson the superbowl winning coach country glint surely and the champion race firefighters robin benning cost you can register at refreshed leadership dot come slash life where just reminiscing watching northern iowa the two kansas how many years ago was that calling your member with all the ferocious my nash or whatever is famous i got that two thousand ten kansas loss kansas one oh one seed yeah awesome northern i'll and then we're thinking about just people just names that you only attached to the tournaments gone shan god and i find a prominent who else you have make love him one moment here i joe and that's a guy remember him from back in the day now kevin pits not all west virginia i like tim the big seven footer can shoot any other names no i promise you a bunch you did i just want to go there you go yeah below got a lot of suggestions hear from people on twitter it's not all i know i don't early out well one why is there react made his name during the and say tournaments yeah i mean gone as pits novel yeah yeah yeah jim gun ervin a improvement what have i was so when tweeted me power play goals and i got his so excited that's been the so writing alright so andrew bogut yeah he's out thanks winslow play with it with his what is going on here i just one over there he said i got a bunch of names for yeah i know but we said and then i i will reap it's not all seen comes out in says that's not all popeye jones some isn't healthy from kentucky i didn't think i made his legs that's not a good movie yeah gonna duke down not good on a lot laugh yeah or anything cb in california joining us high cb would he have forming they are you doing this or they good morning too good morning you're right it's want you know they're in a team quit rebuilding and also informed of along with the cracked yet that would non still got debating it rich laker later in a box there's now yeah.

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