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CRYPT IPOD cost and I've got to say today opportunities that move well except a btc well those little cray on that twelve outshot will announce move and I wasn't with it I didn't that trump now why mm time it's Dan one percent ex pays held above that. At sorry that twenty eight five handle the resistance and support level now a city at twenty nine ause I am absolutely oscillate spent completely exhausted and needing rest it's that simple I got Heim yesterday does ninety six cents up point seven percent and a very solid waste shot once again still aluminum as it stands right now sitting at six point three cents has been for quite some it should be simple but it won't be easy and the hardest part is going to be managing your mindset now I ran a course again in Perth over the weekend and as Josh Bath Seven thirty so I have been pretty much busted and today is very much the scientist clanging clicking clanging around within a range between about seventy eighty seven hundred and seventy seven hundred pretty average On bitcoin he's consulting very very slowly acting very strange it may in fact set up a bit of a breakout show and if it does we'll guess who will be the target that number that number on bit Phoenix is seven thousand seven hundred thirty three dollars new breakthrough that range then yeah that's we will see further downside for the time being uh-huh uh-huh doesn't just come in the form of wedding tries it comes in the form of annoying when you are not at your sharpest trying not something that is very very simple to do it should be ahead spice where no on a debate to make consistently good decisions and get good treading outcomes as tried are a lot of the time you've got to be sitting on your hands said to members that I always do just because you trading strategies doesn't mean you'RE GONNA get my results I you might get better results as many people in the community doing getting penetrating results not the guy in a very average looking very saw wise very very average indeed a US against the US days fans resistance around that three to Omar gains the two and a half hours sleep from the red eye from Perth did my scanner soon as they go to an end always embedded eleven o'clock in the morning while you get a five thirty it took twenty nine fifty five starting to try and move on a little bit of a pullback over the last twenty four hours down one point seven percent bonnets ticking along at

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