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All right you see me cry very difficult to argue with you it is but it's not that it has to be a fight in fact we've we've realized that's probably counterproductive but i think that you you you demonstrate mental toughness in a number of ways and i think you are one of the most resilient people you have to be worked with me i have to be know in this article it says that people with mental toughness realized that reaching your greatest potential requires you to behave contrary to how you feel at the door because we might not feel up to it but here we go you're not right they practice self compassion hide and seek really helped us with that mental toughness right ready or not here yup practice of compassion mental toughness is not necessarily about being your harshest critic restricted strictest taskmaster either instead those with exceptional resilience speak to themselves with kindness and compassion not heckling insults they don't be raped themselves right that's not true i do all the time it will you know but i think you know in having i think it's really it's really important to have a safe place where you can express your emotions event you know we find that going to the gym at the end of the day we over to orange their fitness at parken arapahoe centennial at the end of the day is is key to helping us with some of those emotional things because you're at the gym in it some freight you you're on what do you call it survival mode right but having a safe place a safe person whether it's a best friend or a business coach because you can't take that that emotion out to your peers you can't take it out to your customers you know you can't take it out to prospects all of that in so you have to have a safe place where you can actually bent and be totally totally vulnerable in real with somebody who isn't going to all my gosh you mean your businesses closing now i'm just having a bad day here's the next thing they do it we're talking about mentally tough people these folks who are exceptionally resilient in in business and in life they are realistically optimistic and i think that's you you you.

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