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All local cases of corona virus linked to an overseas trip I'm John Wesley Downey it's two o'clock on newsradio seven forty KTRE traveling weather together here is Blaine Brooks thanks John so far it's nice right across your area no major racks installed the apples to report at the moment we do have a couple of overnight roadworks owned cell possible lane closures should be wrapping up around five this morning the long sixty nine south bond and sixteen Wesley test on one lane at times as well as sixty nine south on your fundraising and crucial so working along to eighty eight south bound at six ten how life works for the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center well those north winds have really poured on the chill and we're in the forties here tonight below average numbers for us down into the mid and upper forties even some low forties northern burbs early Saturday morning the winds will us I cannot change direction over the weekend and we'll shoot back up in the seventies and eighties by Sunday Monday early next week cloudy Saturday sixty six mostly cloudy Sunday warmer seventy two I'm Scott Laurie more the weather channel thank you Scott forty seven KT forty eight in spring and fifty five at the KTRE top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center KTRE news time to one our top story the total number of coronavirus cases in the greater Houston area is now eight with three presumptive cases in fort bend county three in unincorporated Harris County and two in the city of Houston all eight people who recently returned from the same.

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