Douglas County, NBC, Univision discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


KO a radio the Shawnee park or shiny peak skews me fire continuing to burn just a few miles southwest of Bailey the fire which spread over an estimated thirty seven acres is in a remote area of the lost creek wilderness it's offering limited access to firefighters fire officials say three hot shot crews have been working with other agencies to suppress the fire which had reduced behavior due to higher humidity overnight those conditions likely though won't last there is a red flag warning in effect for the area today the race for US Senate in Colorado heating up with debate over democratic leadership backing former governor John Hickenlooper for the post fellow candidate Dan bear who join just moments ago says the party should realize that establish candidates are always a sure thing at this point it's it's really clear to me that this is a special moment that we're living through and that a cautious but it's not a safe the democratic senatorial campaign committee through full support behind Hickenlooper in recent days several democratic contenders on the bubble or waiting for polls to be released today to see if they'll get an invitation to the third democratic debate next month as it stands ten presidential contenders have qualified to participate right now the schedule calls for all tend to be on stage at the same time for one single debate night those ten guaranteed a spot our Joe Biden Cory Booker people to judge Julian Castro Kamala Harris Amy club which are Beto o'rourke Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren and Andrew gang if one more candidate makes it by the end of the day the host ABC news and Univision in partnership with the DNC will add a second night conducting a random draw tomorrow to determine each night's lineup Mike power NBC news radio yeah they're still eleven candidates looking to qualify for the September debate including Colorado U. S. senator Michael Bennet we'll talk more to our political insider local pollster Floyd's Rulli about what Bennett does if he doesn't qualify for this debate that coming up the next five or ten minutes Deutsche Bank says it has financial records including tax returns from president trump before he was president also from his family and his businesses the bank filed court papers acknowledging it has the records but didn't go into detail about them the president is family have been working to keep the bank from complying with democratic subpoenas a new monument stands in highlands ranch it honors the memory of fallen Douglas county deputies the dedication ceremony was yesterday dressed in their ceremonial attire under the following those here colleagues of Zach perish a father and husband who was killed the last day of two thousand seventeen Douglas county.

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