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Let's all the contracts on here. Let's see. It says million about thirteen is capital or whatnot. So I'm not sure if they updated a yet, but either way, like I said, I think it's good by the falcons here. I mean, everyone's happy, and I still assume that they will be reworking new deal with him next season because of course, I mean, why wouldn't you want the number two receiver in the league happy under team. All right. Right. But either way. I mean, what are the expectations for the falcons this season? Is it a Super Bowl bus type of year or what's going on here. Because I mean couple years ago, we saw them playing against the patriots up twenty five do three. Was it twenty five was the twenty three twenty eight three and should have ended up winning that Super Bowl. I mean they had they had the best offense that season looking great. They're interested in end up working out call, Shanahan leaves. They replace him with Steve Sarkissian. And I mean it was night and day from the offense of two thousand sixteen to the offense. A two thousand seventeen. I mean they go from scoring about thirty points game. I mean, one of the best offenses of all time statistically to they're struggling to put up twenty five. And I mean, the only reason why I think they made the playoffs because of the fact that that defense was lights out all season long. Secondary was great linebackers good defensive language. But now I mean it's just a point where they're going to need that offense to step up. Because of the fact that. Atlanta's good this there. SuperBowl window is open right now. They playing probably the toughest division in the league, the NFC south where you got three teams made the playoffs last season, but either way, I think that. Only could make some noise. Let me see. Let me see who xactly they got under schedule the season. Obviously, you're gonna plan your division twice, but the way let's see exactly the, you got the eagles week one obviously on Thursday night. That's in Philly. Then you gotta play the Panthers and saints. Then you got the Bengals Steelers bucks and the giants Redskins Browns Cowboys saints, ravens Packers cardinals Panthers buck- bucks at the tough schedule. I mean, eagles made the playoffs obvious the Panthers and Seitz made the playoffs Steelers made the playoffs. Giants are going to be better. Redskins are going to be a lot better. Browns are going to be a lot better. Cowboy should be a lot better. Ravens ravens aren't that good Green Bay's it'd be a whole lot better Arizona's going to surprise people the season..

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