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So the American people cannot she was America talk Jeez orange hand you know Nike just do it we these breakfast of champions trump the worst a man can get Christian do you folks a chance I have to go back and I get that was like three half minutes I just kind of yeah I know I wanted the thing man the opening started out with it was an amazing joke he Robert Muller is known as Bobby three sticks and I'm Robert did this awesome bit about how eat about how Bob Miller has a gangster yeah I'd probably three sticks here great bet about it which I loved I loved I just got the headline so that's probably three sticks I was on hold no no but the cool for minutes and I want to cut down a lot of the cuts because most of the cuts like seven eight minutes so I cut it down for him in half because that's the headlines at yeah we invented Hillary the three day he and spider here going on you invented the well I know we and morning meaning invented V. three to eight minute cut yes indeed we had long but that's not what what I do is produce the producers jumped up but I would I believe it was defending you know I don't know send someone a seventeen and a half minute glazing I mean that you have to stay out of the like what why bothering doing a segment that they consider that a drop a drop why don't we just run the entire but I do think that when the the timing of which that was that was actually sort of the intent at that point it was an all hands on deck situation including all all the seventeen minute cuts Jack it was indeed a good but that was before the world changed here I think we're gonna hear more more from from leakers as well just a year to to see you know who did what this craze that he was you know somebody said that he was like it hang out in the balcony in the back to smoking a cigar while this stuff was happening and you know he is an old guy who wants to like you who wants to sit in a room under fluorescent lights is investigative make phone calls and too boring interviews and you know more more subpoenas for people and god it's good all day today the best part of this is we you know hearing trump saying that Muller wanted to be back as FBI director which you know I couldn't see that happening at that time right any four years old like mother was going to want that job back again he didn't he just actually answered questions about the job for trump to fill the position and all I could think of is yesterday is watching this it felt like you know when you see Sam I live in the near would do Robert Muller and I I always say boy he's doing some awful job doing you know Robert Muller but after yesterday the more I think about the Nero nailed it exactly what model it is just like kind of this guy that's out of sorts it felt a little bit like John Henry up there or my own brand on the godfather and reformed in on golden pond like that old guy that just lost his fastball I'm sure today he's just back worries you know hunting fishing doing whatever besides that yes pretty much a your you're my knight in shining armor like that little he's out but yeah he's out boating on the lake Sunapee or whatever it was you know trying to catch that trout even go for this I mean I know he's a back to main street yeah what why even get involved in this and is it age with all his accomplishments because this is what people don't remember him for now more than anything is the last impression offer items is the strongest where this is someone who's had a sterling career like just go out on top rather than seeing him in front of Congress not sure why he was there well I mean I think certainly he is in the final take away he's going to do better than call me at least not that that should be the standard you well what I don't know because I got to send you a picture our former producer my former producer injected Schneider who's now a flight attendant met James call me they took a selfie together okay yes also not too so maybe so maybe to enter that or he's doing better yeah then Mahler rising interest not in yet yes the the photo with the interjection iter influence is not been calculated in I rocketing when that happens it is a it is interesting to you know I think this is just beginning I think they're going to talk to now that it's kind of been dashed and you wonder what these investigators for the last year they haven't done anything they haven't been really in indictments or anything I mean all of them the Roger stone walk with the cheese where we have seen and cameras were told about it you know they were just all set up and they just do I think in it but but this outrage without but whatever these guys must have been like like this is this is great we can just go in there the old man has no we're doing you know we'll just make a few phone calls we came we were getting paid hourly how a lot of us you know we'll just bill the hell out of it the company get nice lunches of the peninsula or whatever tell they wanted to do I am with them I don't want to the team but I think that the but I mean this this last modification here not gonna win it could be it could be very interesting I'm Chris Wallace if we could just sort of weighing in on the situation in terms of the performance of Bob Muller he has a sense obviously that this like you guys have been saying hurt very much Bob Miller's reputation you know I had to learn a little bit when you talked about the testimony by Robert Muller because on the testimony has to be put in quotes it really hasn't been much testimony.

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