Jason Momoa, Chris, Joe I discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show


What really what Jeez this person is right on the Jason Momoa them and famous and popular if his name was Joe I'm all would you go streaking across the football field during a game for a million dollars knowing there's a fifty fifty chance you'll get arrested for indecent exposure yes yeah I feel like in our line of work it's more than fifty fifty that I get fired if you know you get fired right yes if you were arrested for it right if any of us well I just explain what's on the line yeah I did it because there is a how much half a million dollars I think a lot of right a lot of people are a lot of people would do it we'll do it for free all the time people do for the attention like that drunk I the XFL game yeah the guy who I thought the same thing I it was impossible not to notice I'm like I thought that that's something that he's going to be funny like that I you need to look it up right now if you don't mind Chris even though you might get fired for this as well look up that guy and you tell me whether that was a prosthetic or not because I'm I legitimately thought that the way that guy left the field because his arms were so far behind his back because he was jutting out his pelvis the way that he was I thought that he was doing something to be funny there I did not think that was real I thought that that was fake I didn't I didn't think you got the magic could have gone to this thing is from Jesus for the size of this guy's in development don't blame me I didn't do that the whole segment of the if either real or he's trying.

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