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I'm josh witter. I got the cake without the blueberry on it. So i have to speak first. She got a cake with the blueberry on. It's just least jess adams taste. I don't know what you're doing getting the piece of cake without the blueberry on i feel like the blueberries the whole point it was not on purpose. It was all that was left. Because right before i was able to get a slice of cake brooklyn's ed swept in and just stole the last piece with the blueberry on it up all the pieces with blueberries on it. They got really excited about the cake. Josh they did the blubbery. Yes i got the memo. Yes the blubbery cake. This is a great episode of the mole because jess I don't have to do anything extra to talk about the food. The show just knows that. I want to talk about food this season of the mall. I feel like it always knows exactly what you need. And it provides it That as we often say then is this is the season of the mole is just the room of requirement is the fans to give you what you ask of it. You don't even know that that's you know you need the bull tells you this is what you need but is that not like life you know just like you probably were had given up at the mall patrol would ever come back and then one year anniversary of that january twenty worse twenty twenty one came around when we were planning to return and then it just happened to be at the same exact time. Nestor netflix's like you guys need better-quality episodes to watch. I got you covered and so the mole. Now streaming on netflix in the us outside of the us. I believe the the word the kids say here is yoyo. I think right. You're on your own. I don't know figure figured out. Vpn invest oh. You definitely a thing. I just don't know if anyone's doing it in up kind of make that happen josh. Yeah i'm trying to bring it back. We'll see we'll yoyo comeback anyone yoyo shout at me at round howard if yo yo is still a thing but not talking about the mole. I will not talk to you about the mall by only method of communication about mall through this podcast. Because i am unspoiled have never seen season to season one of the us. Which by the way we said you gotta binge otherwise. Spoilers are fair game. This week i would say they are fair game. I don't think there's any real reason that we have to go super deep abundant but if it comes up it comes up but season two explorers were taking this one week at a time. Just have seen this season. A million times jess. I believe you said that every week in between recording the bowl you're going to re watch the season. There's one episode that. I'm gonna rewatch every week in between recording episodes is. That already happened for you. I've seen that episode four times since we last spoke..

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