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Curious about what the future holds. We'll talk about it on this episode of the my dog tv. Podcast get another episode of the my tv podcast napa. Thanks for coming. It's great to have you as always. It's cold saturday night where i am. I hope it's a little warmer when you what were you are. I saw today People were actually out demonstrating in russia over Novell knee. I think that's eight pronounce his name anyway. Who's been arrested along with his wife. He's the opposition to putin over there where people are protesting in the streets. And i they said the temperature was minus fifty on the celsius scale. So i looked up. What the equivalent On the fahrenheit scales minus fifty eight degrees with. And that's before the wind chill. They were out there in mass protesting. Lots and lots of people in the street out in minus fifty degrees fahrenheit before the wind chill factor in the wind chills like probably minus one hundred degrees and some crazy stuff like that. I don't think we'd ever experienced anything like that in the united states. I think we'd probably just kind of wait to the weather. Improved to go out and protest. But that's just my take on it so anyway Tonight programmatic thank you for coming. We're gonna talk about. We're going to talk about second phenomena again. And we have a psychic who's been featured in television and mass media and been in the game a very very long time so we're excited to talk to him before i bring him in Speaking of Psychic stuff while. I don't know about psychic stuff but This stuff i think I think you're gonna be a little bit interested in now. The holidays past. And i'm gonna go out and make a second prediction. Maybe i'll be wrong that you've probably got for a gift. A gift card. A gift guide. And i would also make a second prediction that you haven't used that guitar avenue. It's still sitting in wild or still sitting.

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