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Regarding the june with those for minutes because as you mentioned a divided federal reserve policy committee could not reach agreement in june on the timing of when begin shrink getting its massive balancesheet according to minutes of the meeting several preferred to announce a start to the process within a couple of months according to the minutes quote some others emphasized that deferring the decision until later in the year would permit additional time to assess the outlook for economic activity and inflation little us equity market reaction to those minutes the sp five hundred index higher by three now to twenty four thirty two that's a gain of one tenth of one percent and right where the sp was heading into those two o'clock release of the minutes dow industrials little change swinging between gains or losses up half a point now it twenty one thousand four hundred seventy nine nasdaq the technology rally continuing today with nasdaq up forty one points to sixty one fifty one a gain narrow seven tenths of one percent the 10year up five thirty seconds yield two point three three percent tony dwyer as equity strategist of canaccord genuity at on bloomberg television this morning he told us the bowl has more room to rise were at least years away probably two to three years away from a recession and market typically peaks about eight months prior to recessions i think making a case that the bull market is near and while it makes sense senator ratio basis that has nothing to do with what causes a an actual peak crude may major story today down three point nine percent talking about west texas intermediate crude down of dollar 82 a barrel to 45 25 we have got to gold hara by two twenty beyond two twelve twenty one that's a gain of twotenths of one percent again though repeating our top headline fed officials divided on when to begin the balance sheet unwind don charlie pellett and that's a bloomberg business flash thank you ever thought your listener markets on bloomberg radio.

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