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You're listening to John. Anderson Direct with Warren. Farrell, please note. That John Anderson direct is recorded live via online streaming, which means that sometimes the audio quality is less than optimum. FERAL! It's just terrific. Talk to your guide. We met in your hand on the West Coast of America some months ago and recorded a compensation which I feel very valuable, which many Now we find ourselves in vastly different circumstances, and on talking to from the living room of my home in northern New South Lyles on farm. Your time I'm sitting here with a copy of your book yours in John Gray. The boy crosses, and I'm going to give it another blog I decided. Not any of I founded valuable I think people should get themselves a copy and do an ID then get several copies and give it today, friends and anybody that I think might benefit from it i. think is incredibly valuable work. But I wanted to talk to you in the context of the impact of covid Nineteen Karen Avars. On families and individuals who suddenly found the world turned upside down. They thrown together. You recently published a very interesting. Pay solve a WICCAN. I was copied in. Talking. EVATT, how many people when they together find in family circumstances in fact, grownup hop on that's very difficult and shows off in the numbers and clothing and countries like China and Japan was to stick suggests that. The Vossen domestic, violence. Are OPPA known astride a domestic violence reporting has risen quite substantially. And you talk about the opportunities for families to be quite intentional, particularly in writing the boys and I'd love to explore these issues I. Thank you very much indeed for putting up with before seconds on or Totally a pleasure speaking with you, so this is not a putting up fish. Side could we begin? What what can you tell us you're? You're brilliant. Researcher keeps a finger on things. On what's happened? On intensive family relationships, what's happening? In lockdown. Around the world and your country perhaps I we know from some of the work that's being done in Australia that there's some good news people reporting more time with their children and cycles of quite a bit of bad news about the stresses of peddling thrown together. When perhaps they're not on the sideline in the why they will be. There's a huge difference between families where they are. The have live paycheck to paycheck, and you know the the. The covid experience of being unemployed Ed End where the father and mother are unemployed, and then suddenly that is really a key economic catastrophe and know there. If they don't have family that they can turn to for earning money that family. That has a little bit more than they have They're oftentimes quite in crisis and and there's also a there have been checks coming from the government to almost all these families and so that's taken a little bit of the crisis off so..

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