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Uh in the blue out there ireland female true absolutely and look at now you're getting away the whole thing is about police shootings and police brutality there hasn't been any incidents quite some time you're why haven't been perfect uh but they haven't stopped and the problem is the fact that they're more hobbs getting shot in a bolted now you see that happening every night i mean that's there's there's there's what's happened if fulfill if you haven't seen any should these so why is the protest in losing about old eight but that's just stop now we thought should a year india left the whole family yet the protest about something i've been asking centsa well yeah i area what's at all about digital about nato iset he got no you've got leblanc james what's he doing bad now in perth steph curry and now everybody jump it in rumford or water waterlogged himself the he solve your language he should have never use and i think he's apologized for that but he have a right to jump in and try and stop this i get it had had bulawko but i'm i'm a gun it we wouldn't be dismissed beginning but he wasn't a penalty jumped in there he wasn't gonna stop it this happen it's called on only is watch can't predict started this on block of almost watch but you know anything about walk obama not doing anything happening now area tim we're going to roll thank you much sean it's all yours high all right good afternoon it just want to throw this out there uh i just have a feeling that this it definitely backfire on players longterm uh being an football or any others or as you know the revenues starts gone down you start tv advertising bans aren't spin as much money and uh russian you have all.

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