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Dana White, Penn, Hawaii discussed on MMA Junkie Radio



I spoke to jay m b._j. Is like no. I did nothing and so what b._j. Penn is saying is that he was not the instigator of this fight and that there's more videos out there but that basically b._j._p. Was the one that was attacked and so that would be gina. Defense mode owed now like he got cold cocked now again. Does that mean you continue the fight man. I don't know because there's that fly fight or or flight moment and without knowing all the facts like did he have a buzz going on. Have these guys <hes> had beef stemming from somebody he dated. Somebody's garoppolo which i don't know. I'm just throwing stuff at the wall. You don't know you don't know what what's been built up. Now i guess in that article v japan did say they they they kind of know each other but they've been having some problems along the way be so yes so maybe that's a little bit more of the history of it all but there just appears to be a point where when they are squaring off you're right. It's almost like somebody could just put their arm around b._j. And pull them away. You know what i mean if he's not doing it himself. Just pull him away because he just us can't be there if somebody called cocktail. I guess that sucks. You do like everybody else side. Whether you want to press charges or not you know and if you do then you some of the police and if you don't say man this is how we get down hawaii then you walk away. Someone cold cocked you. You know i don't know what to tell you <hes> but <hes> pity he has kids. He has other legal problems and this is happening frequently. Everybody has their their credit score. Okay almost like a human yelp if this same article was posted about steven wonderboy thompson. I think all of us would go well. That doesn't doesn't make sense. Stevens never really been in issues like this. He's he's always really nice and kind of people. Let's wait until things come out and then we'll figure out what the hell's what's going on here but when it's b._j. Penn and you look at that credit score kind of falls in line with all the things that have been happening. That's why i think people are just jumping all over it. <hes> one of the things that people are bringing up is a should dana white. Let him take the the second fight for this last fight against yeah and be should. They just cut them altogether. Like what is this doing for this guy's legacy. I think knowing dana white he's gonna play the card of letting all the facts play out because remember dana white picks up the phone. He talks to these guys. He'll get the true story in dana. Dana will usually backup this guy's pretty low east pretty loyal in that regard because he gives them the benefit of the doubt of you know how things go down in the street like that type of thing that type of mentality which doesn't go over well with mainstream media <hes> it doesn't go over well usually with hardcore media are actually the sometimes if some people some of us will say you know because we've been in the sport but you know i i. I think think that's what he'll say and if he's back and b._j. Guess what b._j.'s pens fighting and that's what it's gonna bowl down to now. Dave doyle from our website senior editor wrote a strong strong opinion piece and he's saying that's it caught him. You know enough is enough. I still feel like i understand dave's point but i still feel like i need to know a little bit more. The story apparently the hawaii the cops in white did come out but by the time they were there. He said all parties is it gone in different directions and no charges were pressed and i think that they i think that they're a little bit similar dana white things just kinda like maim. People get into trouble all these types of problems but they they go on about their business. You know what i mean. I think there's more conservative cities in the united states where nine hundred we're going to go and we're gonna knock on some doors and we're getting..

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Dana White, Penn, Hawaii discussed on MMA Junkie Radio

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