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Part of me feels like since i was reading time. If like will they were blaming character for the low sales. Yeah and it was. I mean the writing. Yeah definite like i where they just like. Oh we've run out of stuff to do. Because i mean i swear that so. I kind of what they said. They'll kill barry allen off in crisis there like oh yeah he so boring and there's like we can't there's nothing more we can do with him. It's like let's make. Wally west flash. Oh listen to this. Here's some trivia at the time of publication green lantern. Forty six was an unsolicited reign of the supermen. Tie in issue as such a quickly sold out at retail outlets and became one of the more highly sought reorder issues of nineteen ninety-three. I did not realize that s school so funny. They were probably right. Now they're probably planning on killing how often it's like. Hey look this issue. Just sorta reorder and all this so yeah so again is that what was that like. A again is a last minute thing. 'cause they said it was like a really didn't solicit it much as brain. The superman tien. I mean i guess they had already by the time this issue came out. I guess the diamond the biggest catalog or eight. Maybe he didn't forty nine already. been solicited. guess. It's two months in advance right now. What are what it said or wonderful which is like oh classified anymore you know says yes. It's been a long time on you. Yeah twenty seven years. Remember can't forgotten. Because i'm seeing thank you. You have any thoughts archie bunker no meathead proclamations from the throw there. I thought it was good. Action elliott liked reading this and then reading the traffic the other side of it. You know stuck out to me. Hel help much writing. There was in this issue you in a fight and yet he has really long mom walk running while he's fighting. Yeah but again but isn't that a character at least for one draw jones's right now because remember when he was waiting i roll with it. Only do you think that's like a thing too. Because like he was just afraid of you know having just like silent pages or you know. I don't know i mean it's because it's so different. I i feel like you look what i call the claremont selena. There's a lot of tax you know for issue but that kind of really changed. Image that a lot to showcase more are. Yeah and i think writers started to adapt lorette. Lean more on story. That left left. The story in the texts become becomes additive at that point so it is another reason where it's like member where they used to do thought balloons now at is. I don't know if it started here when they do the thoughts. It's like in a text box instead of like a were elegant thought bubble actually so. I took lettering class a while back a letter. I mean i can do it by. I'm not. I know broad sense in. I can do something this passable. But it's not really lettering lettering about graphic design and local stuff but I kind of think what led to the talking with each day. Sharp letters tremendous amount of books. Every month did One of the things that they couldn't really replicate with digital lettering. So we're on the early. We're not quite there yet. like early. two. Thousands i think is in digital lettering. An early ninety or late late nineties was in digital coloring. Maybe i'm not sure one of the reasons that one of the i think the things that really contributed to the hospital of those were believes that it's really difficult to get illustrator to do those type of balloons whereas the normal speech bubble speech bubbles of speech blowing. Those were active in illustrator. So that may have been one of the reasons but it was. It was pretty interesting. Because you're right. We switched over to cash on it. Just seems like it's the way it's never in the middle of it's always like bottom or something. Yeah i mean it could be to unisom really really influential books. You don't come out the late eighties. Look at like batman. You're one. I don't know if there were thought bubbles seattle. I think it was wasn't it. I think he was captured. I i think that's style kind of just took over. I we get the superman. Eighty-two superman eighty-two coincidentally enough one of our macarenhas picks when he did his i love raw with ray off it was the guy kind of explained in the episode that it was not not really the issue itself. But more like the Fondness for the story line and this is where it kind of all culminate Milton berle now. I at all. But it's been so long since. I actually read death superman revenge. The superman returns to grant but the identity of the superman reign of the siberian. Sorry make it rain superman. It was a was it really a big mystery. Who cyborg superman was because it was supposedly this really big. Reveal this issue we was built up to it and then it got interrupted. And they did it again. They're they're few issues before this. Yeah they went through his whole origin. Which i ca. I mean i guess for some people was just because i mean again. He was at disembodied party. Consciousness in like a little pod when he laughed and again some people might started reading with death of superman or you know the rain so you might not have been familiar with that. You know if you had never read them. It's like oh this is what happened. You know because because cyborg in what the eradicate or they had been yet previous stories. Yeah john henry. Irons was new and super boy. It has been like cloned now. This came out as a newsstand edition with normal cover. It also came out with metallic cover or a. yeah. I don't think was it foil cover. Maybe yeah might've been foil. It's metallic reform yet. some kind of like shiny. Ah yeah yeah. I go i remember. I had the i got this shiny one. I think i did too. That's right. I feel old i was i read. This one came out to me to all right. So superman eighty two also from october nineteen ninety-three back for good. Isn't it always good when you come back from the dead and depends on or universe. You're living in raider and pencil. Or dan jergens inker brett breeding. Colorist glenn whitmore letters. John costanza stanza editors frank histories and mike carlin. So yes as a as a comic book writer will. Can you imagine doing the writing and pencilling..

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