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A sixty seven year old man is dead after being hit by a truck. He was crossing the street at first avenue and McDowell road, but was not in the crosswalk. Phoenix police say the possibly lake colored Chevrolet pickup truck did not stop just few a few blocks away. Witnesses say they lost sight of the vehicle. If you have any information, you're encouraged to call police. You can remain anonymous good time gone bad. Glenda police are responding to the incident at valley roller skating rink the ended with fights and pepper spray last weekend. In a statement sent to KTAR Glendale police say two off duty officers read the great skate roller rink near forty third avenue in Peoria through there all night skate event by nine pm. The rink had five hundred kids in attendance with about two hundred people still waiting in line when officers and employees explained the event was full Glendale. Police say fights broke out in kids began vandalizing nearby businesses. The off-duty officer called for backup and police officers used pepper spray to break up the groups that didn't comply with officer orders things only escalated when kids that had not been checked in. The event snuck in through emergency exits and began starting fights inside as well. Police say there were no serious injuries. But anyone who needed medical attention received? It Taylor interrupt. KTAR news police are looking for a man who robbed a Circe on March ninth addressed in neon clothing. It happened at the store near thirty Fifth Avenue and Roosevelt when the man approached the clerk with a gun and abandoned money he escaped with the cash and cigarettes. He's about thirty to thirty five years old five nine medium, build an Hispanic with a mustache, please call silent witness. If you have any information, the family of Elaine hers burger, the woman who hit was hit and killed by a self driving. Uber is suing the city of timpee and the state KTAR's legal expert. Monica Lindstrom, the plaintiffs alleged both Arezzo Tempe were negligent responsible for the death because they failed to provide oversight on Uber. Self-driving program and technology. Lindstrom says the plaintiffs have a difficult case, let's get a check now on traffic and weather in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center, it's Patrick Rhody. Hither Jelinek crash. Mesa. This one is on the US sixty westbound near safely dry in Shannon. New collision Cooper wrote and Ray road in Phoenix. Nuclear van Buren avenue to the west valley sixty seventy has been reopened between between southern there would have been shut down for.

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