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Hockey for you today on wgn first up is northwestern football against michigan state in evanston pregame add two kickoff 230 what they ran a ted albrecht on seven twenty wgn of wgnradiocom then the huh hawks are in colorado tonight the pregame with chris boden at seven thirty faceoff at eight which on waterbed detroit murray of seven twenty wgn a wgnradiocom hawks coming off a two one loss to nashville last night in the world series houston has a two games to one lead over the dodgers his beating him yesterday five to three game for tonight in houston 709 first pitch bowls hosting oklahoma city today checking wgn traffic we've still got that edens spur incident it's been going on now for about two hours on the edens for an accident has blocked leading spur westbound between wall keegan road and dundee on i ninety four and that is shows no signs of being cleared up anytime soon the right shoulder is walk eastbound i ninety four ninety first street backed up to eighty third and an accident blocking the left wind left lane rather northbound i5 57 at one hundred seven straight your travel times on the rushed to the area expressways toys and highways are who than what we've just reported everything's moving along at posted speeds for traffic on the sevens rachel and he term of demand that the traffic chicago app preapproved by team hochberg perl mortgage gooch just search t r a f f i x chicago your forecast from the wgn chicago.

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