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Janney got it instead and not only would i have preferred hadish to get it just because it really is a wonderful hilarious performance in girls trip i'm not a fan of allison janney and i tanya and that really hurts me because i love allison janney but it's just one of those situations where there are many other performances of hers that i wish were getting the recognition this one is getting and i'll admit to i can't even completely articulate i haven't been able to figure out why i don't love that performance because i don't think she's chewing scenery and yet there's something about of this just a little bit too big in a movie that you know let's be honest is big in lots of ways the just doesn't quite work for me so that's the one i'd replace she's not cheering scenery but that paradigm her shoulder is true the movie really wants though scenes to shoe scenery and this was related to one of my reservations about that film in general that the empathy it extends towards tonya harding in that film and i appreciate it does not extend towards her mother that janney plays in so i do think that that's a limitation to that performance that has more to do with the film itself than janney but still i wouldn't have put her among my favorite supporting actress performances of the year either thrilled to see mary j blige on that list she was among my favorites and i just didn't know if she would be recognized by the academy laurie metcalf was my favorite smart performance of the year so so that's great i was hoping be michelle pfeiffer in mother might get a nod there was a lot of talk around her performance when aronovski is film came out but i think the maybe a little bit of the push back against that movie in general and that it came out i think it was the summer hurt her and then here's a real long shot but our producer sam vent hogan will appreciate this nod to cure in kiki who plays the grandmother in they hear a kazu create a film enter the storm alana so it was really championing throughout the year i did finally get to catch towards the end of the year appreciated a lot and she is.

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