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What was the plague when people get playing now you're asking that was the clear take a guess everybody look it up the year of our lord the bihac i'm gonna say lord boauban with you play notice still which we so remember like when i was in seventh grade did report on it was nowhere it doesn't make us anywhere near the discovery of america right in that area some say 1100 fifty i'm gonna say was amnesty was before the thousand forgotten thousand realtors in with nine hundred eighty i i'm just patrick can't i can't think of law things that i can remember happening talking about the players the black death uh what's the pull the players the black looks that if 100 who onic plague i'm saying eight hundred closer 4000 se wait a little thing is i had to put then this is like 'cause we gotta think there's like cottages their cities there's just not soap like people shooting in the streets a cat like that's what spread disease i was talking to my kids bollywood to the getty museum in la and the elders renaissance era paintings and i was like what you don't know from this painting is how bad that city square smells it would have been horrific because nobody has any kind of yoder's soap and everyone's dumping their will they always industry i read also recently that i that delivering is largely a marketing kinda like diamonds that it didn't exist really before the early 1900s no one cared about body odour it was just a thing that you had and then marketing made it something jer should be ashamed of yet but if you went back in time like like him you would be perfume but than the there was perfume for sure butlers like thi well it's that was like she wasn't a lot of people got married in june and had bouquets because you recently had your bath any were only just starting to smell and lower is leverett yes.

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