CIA, IBM, Microsoft discussed on P&L With Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz


Market anymore it's not the same as twenty thirteen when the cia awarded amazon the contract offer their cloud hosting on and i think that's probably the biggest threat to amazon more then say trump versus amazon why isn't ibm or google or oracle front running well it's a matter of where they kind of sit in the market you have amazon as the market leader below that you have microsoft and then there's kind of those three companies on ibm has this has some strengths in that they're in this old school world of traditional data center it which is something that would be an asset because the department of defense is probably going to move to the cloud and kind of a slower more deliberate way given all their national security workloads but they simply just don't have the scale or maybe the capabilities that microsoft does microsoft is much stronger on that side then you talk about oracle they're kind of in the same boat just smaller than ibm and then google which has definitely you know a large compelling offering around infrastructure they have this issue with they're not real early in that old school world of it they're more on the cloud native companies like snapchat in spotify not really really you know maybe philosophically aligned with the department of defense would look to do their cod migration so one thing that strikes me about amazon dot com at ardy has worked with the cia i'm just wondering i mean how much have we learned about the different sort of security levels of the different cloud providers and i mean is there any difference between them that's material or is there something else is kind of factoring into the bidding process who the is a good i guess example or past performance is always very important in government contracting it does give the dod something to look at as an example of what they might want to try to replicate trying to get into kind of discussion of who has the better security might be a little more difficult i think capably any of these companies are probably could capably host the microsoft i mean could hold host the cloud that'd be microsoft or ibm just really comes down to who was.

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